WiseLife Connect Plus

WiseLife Connect Plus

Total energy control for your business.

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Now you control ALL your electrical devices from your phone, tablet or laptop, wherever you are in the world. You can now decide what gets switched on and off at any time of the day.

Imagine walking into work, and everything that should be switched on is on. You can start work straight away! Then when you walk out at the end of the day everything that should be off is off. There’s a safety benefit too. You can remotely check if all your windows or doors are open or closed. You can also check to make sure your heating is set to the right temperature, and vary the temperature for different areas of your business. With control of your electrical devices you can reduce waste and lower your bills.

WiseLife Connect Plus can control ALL your electrical devices

Control your heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, external and internal lights, plug sockets, thermostatic radiator valves and other electrical equipment and systems. WiseLife Connect Plus also includes IT asset management, a range of sensors (door and window, temperature and occupancy), gas and electricity meter monitoring.


Fully installed

Installed by our experts or your own team, WiseLife Connect Plus is hardwired into your building.

Easy to use control app

Access the control app from your smartphone, tablet or web-browser. It’s simple to use and gives you full control to:

  • See what is on or off at a glance
  • See how much power equipment is using
  • Turn things off or on at the touch of a button, no matter where you are
  • Set up schedules for any time, seven days a week to make your devices automatically turn on and off when you want
  • See if windows or doors are open or closed
  • Set your heating on and off times and temperature
  • Set different heating zones in your building using intelligent thermostatic radiator valves.

Need help installing WiseLife Connect, visit our support page.

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