Winter is coming!

Fix your business energy contracts to avoid any potential price rises

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What’s happening with business energy prices?

Mild weather so far this winter means today’s wholesale gas prices are lower than they have been in the last 6 months*. With half of winter still to come, another cold snap could cause both gas and electricity prices to increase.

Last winter saw prices 5 times higher than the winter average as the Beast from the East bit. By switching to a fixed energy contract now, you can relax in the knowledge that you won’t be hit by a beast of a bill in the future, regardless of how crazy the weather gets!

Why switch to a fixed price energy contract now?

We know you won’t want to pay any more than you need to …who would?! According to Ofgem, the average energy bill for a small business is already £3,619**, seems high doesn’t it? Even a 20% price rise could pile almost £1000 on top – not ideal!

Fixed price contracts fix your energy unit price at the rate you agree them today. You can arrange this contract within 12 months of your current contract end date and prices can be fixed for up to 5 years…great eh!

Compare and switch contracts today

We aren’t making this up…

Our energy experts know their stuff. Back in April 2018, they advised businesses to fix their October 2018 contract starts immediately for 24 months. Business that followed our advice will have saved themselves 44% on their wholesale gas cost and 35% on their wholesale electricity cost!

Here’s what our customers say…

“By fixing our prices early through
Utilitywise, we saved a good amount of
money over the 3 years of our energy

– Will Cox – Facilities Manager,
Malcom C Foy & Co


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