Winter is coming!

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Why are energy prices increasing?

There are a number of reasons why energy prices are set to increase this winter:

  • High demand for gas last winter meant that gas storage hit a five year low – with the replenished supplies used in the summer, there’s a risk of low supplies again this winter
  • For Europe to attract more gas they’ll have to pay up to the Asian LNG price, which for winter is currently an increase of a third on our prices
  • Gas is used in the production of electricity so, as a result, electricity prices are predicted to increase too
  • Carbon prices have more than doubled since the start of 2018, driving up the cost of generation

Why switch to a fixed price energy contract now?

  • Energy prices this winter could be up to 20% higher than they are today
  • Fixed price contracts fix your unit price at the rate you agree them today, protecting you from any potential increases
  • Even if you’re 12 months away from being done with your current deal, you can lock in today’s prices and start paying when your current contract ends. We can even arrange to fix your new price for up to five years.

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We aren’t making this up…

Our energy experts know their stuff. Back in April 2018, they advised businesses to fix their October 2018 contract starts immediately for 24 months. Business that followed our advice will have saved themselves 44% on their wholesale gas cost and 35% on their wholesale electricity cost!

Here’s what our customers say…

“By fixing our prices early through
Utilitywise, we saved a good amount of
money over the 3 years of our energy

– Will Cox – Facilities Manager,
Malcom C Foy & Co


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