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We’re on a mission to help businesses everywhere make the most of business water deregulation.

Whether you run a car wash in Carlisle or a factory in Folkestone, and whether you use a little or a lot, we could help you save money and get the customer service you deserve.

  • What is Business Water Deregulation?

    From April 1st 2017, businesses in England are no longer tied to their current water supplier. This increased choice and competition is great news for businesses, and we’re here to help everyone get the best deal out there.

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  • Big Benefits for Businesses

    Switch with the U-Team to:

    • Earn up to £400 cashback*
    • Save up to 25% on combined utilities**
    • And experience magnificence first-hand

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We've got all the skills to manage your bills

  • Smooth Operators

    Our dedicated account managers will do everything they can to make switching simple and managing your utilities easy and stress-free.

  • Money Saving Geniuses

    Our team can quickly spot if you’re being overcharged for your utilities, then calculate how much you could be saving and help to get your money back where it belongs.

  • Tech Wizards

    If there’s a way to make things any smarter, we’re on it. Our tech team is always developing intelligent new ways for you to monitor and manage your utilities usage.

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  • Water solutions for large businesses

    If you’re in a large business, here at Utilitywise we have a range of water services to help you take control of your water costs and usage. From cost savings to water efficiency, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Myth-busters guide to water

    Will your water taste different? Will you need to have your pipes dug up? Find out all you need to know in our exclusive myth-busting guide.

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