Welcome to the WiseLife help page

Welcome to the WiseLife help page

Your questions about WiseLife answered.

Help with your WiseLife pack

Whether you are setting up your new WiseLife pack, adding devices to an existing set-up, or need advice on how to best configure your devices this is the place to find it.

If you need help call 0330 303 3313 or email customercare@utilitywise.com

The Support Team is available: 8.00am till 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

WiseLife FAQ

What does the WiseLife app allow me to do?
The app allows you to control your WiseLife devices such as turning them on and off.  It also allows you to set time schedules to control items, and it also monitors your usage.

Can I control more than one property through the Wiselife app?
Yes. You can select the sites menu on the app. The device menu with then show all the devices paired at that site. You will need a Dell Gateway at each site.

Is Wiselife secure?
Yes both the gateway and the app send data over secure (https) web connections to our cloud based servers.  The servers are stored in a secure datacentre certified to ISO27001. The site can only be accessed by users with a validated email address and secure password.  We recommend you change your password regularly to increase your account secure.

How do I contact Wiselife customer support?
You can call the customer care team on 0330 303 3313.

What can I do if Wiselife isn’t working?
You can call our customer care team on 0330 303 3313 and we will help resolve your issue.

How to I navigate between between devices?
All your paired devices should appear on the device menu. Make sure you are looking at the right site if you cannot see the devices that should be available.

You will not see devices that you have not paired.

How do I get the app for on my smartphone or tablet?
You can download it from the APP store for Apple devices or the Play Store for Android devices. Search for WiseLife by Utilitywise plc.

Do I need a smartphone or tablet to use Wiselife?
You can access the controls screens through a web browser.

Does Wiselife work with tablets?
Yes, the app is tablet friendly.

Log in

Can I have multiple log ins?
Yes. If you let us know the details for additional log in’s and we will set them up. Please email us at customercare@utilitywise.com and we will set this up and let you know when it is ready.

What if I forget my log in details?
If you remember your username but cannot remember your password use the forgotten password link. However if you have also forgotten your user name please email us at customercare@utilitywise.com and we will resend this information to you as soon as possible

Helpful tip – the username is your email address.

Connection Issues

I have a Firewall, which ports do I need open for the system to operate?

The WiseLife system uses Ports 80, 443 and 5671.

Do I need to configure the network settings on my WiseLife Gateway?

No – Your Gateway will connect to your network when you connect the Ethernet cable.

I have a 3G/4G router, can I use the WiseLife system?

Yes – as long as the ports are open on your router the system will operate as normal.

If I turn my WiseLife Gateway off what will happen?

All your devices will continue to operate in the state they were in when your gateway lost power. When the power is restored commands queued on the server will be downloaded and your system will operate as normal.

My Gateway does not seem to be connected to the network/internet, what do I do?

Double check all network cabling, if you are still experiencing problems contact our customer care team on 0330 303 3313.

My WiseLife dongle is not detected?

Make sure that the dongle is plugged into the USB port on the back of the Dell Gateway, see if it is fitted correctly. If it still is not working contact our customer care team on 0330 303 3313.

Can I connect the Gateway over Wifi instead of using an Ethernet cable?

No, to ensures that your Dell Gateway runs as it should use the Ethernet (internet) cable provided.

If my broadband is turned off or isn’t working do my Wiselife products also switch off or stop working?

The schedules will continue to function as normal, however you will not be able to see any live data or make and changes to the control or schedules.

How do I pair my devices?

Consult the instruction manual for device pairing instructions. These are also available in the app itself.

My device used to pick up commands but now isn’t, why?
If your other devices are still working but this one is not it could be one of two things causing the issue.

  1. One is battery life. You can check on your app and if the battery life is low they will need changing and this will be causing the lack of response from the device.
  2. The second reason could be the device is too far from the box for it to be responsive. This is a range issue. We would recommend you move the box closer to the device or vice versa. This should hopefully solve the issue. If not please let us know at customercare@utilitywise.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can to help.

When I change the battery will I need to re-pair this to the system?
No. The asset will stay connected and when the batteries are changed will be fully functional again.

Creating Schedules

Is my schedule the same as my business hours?
No, your business hours simply show just that. The schedule will affect your assets as you set it.

Can my schedules differ for each product?
Yes, each product can have their own series of schedules.

Can I have different schedules for different days on the same device?
Yes, each day you can have an individual schedule for each device.

My schedule isn’t working, why?

Double check that you have saved your schedules, if your schedule still isn’t working please contact our customer care team on 0330 303 3313

My radiators aren’t working but my schedule has them turned on?

Double check that your boiler is on. Radiators are controlled separately from your boiler, if your radiators are still not coming on please contact customer care on 0330 303 3313.

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