Utilitywise Customer Testimonials

Utilitywise Customer Testimonials

We've helped thousands of businesses save on their energy and services. Here's what our happy customers have to say about Utilitywise.

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“Since being contacted by Emma from Utilitywise, I have found her attention to detail and easy manner a real positive when it came to sorting out our utilities contract. She was very efficient in providing us with competitive rates which, being a small business, is paramount and gave me the peace of mind that Utlitywise would be our port of call going forward should there be any queries regarding our account (which is always a time-saver). I would have no hesitation in recommending Emma’s services to other clients should they require any energy information. Thank you.”

Peter Howells
Print and Marketing Company

“Having taken steps to amalgamate all of our properties’ energy accounts under one umbrella, Utilitywise seemed the best choice in the market as they were offering a free management service. With a plethora of energy companies all vying for your business, finding the most cost effective can be a challenge. Utilitywise aim to get the best deals possible. Our account manager at Utilitywise, Emma Steele, has been brilliant, taking away all the leg work and wasted time it normally takes in searching for the bargains in a very confused market, offering to manage for us and sort out the many problems that usually arise along the way. I can’t praise Emma highly enough: communication 10 out of 10, letting me know every step of the way how things are progressing – brilliant. No more worries! When we add a new property, just ring Emma, job done!”

Gary Luckhurst
Care Home Company

“Utilitywise have been extremely helpful in recent months with saving our organisation, a registered charity, money by finding us an excellent cheaper energy tariff. They were extremely efficient and quick, with an answer to any questions I had. Now that the contract with our new supplier has been agreed, Utilitywise have kept in touch from time to time, which has been very re-assuring. Knowing that their support is there if needed is fantastic. I would, without hesitation, recommend Utilitywise to other businesses.”

Clive Caswell

“I am very happy in the way that our energy account manager at Utilitywise has handled our new energy contract. He has managed to source out the best deal for our small company, this in turn saves me the headache of searching for a new deal when our contract runs out and I can get on with my daily work routine. I would be very happy to recommend Utilitywise to anyone. Thank you, Utilitywise.”

Sonia Argent
Manufacturing Company

“Utilitywise have changed the way we think about energy contracts. We had previously been used to two-year contracts with both gas and electric, which reduces the ability to plan long term. We currently have a four-year electricity deal and a five-year gas deal, both negotiated by Utilitywise in very little time indeed. It makes a big difference to our long term outlook. We were very pleased with the level of communication and involvement in these deals.”

Geoff Hopson
Retail Company

“The great thing about Utilitywise, and in particular dealing with Sophia Jolly, was the earlier assurance of taking over the worry about dealing with our previous suppliers. Utilitywise was very much a one-stop-shop, and lived up to their promise. They only contacted me for confirmation either in order to sign a form or to run some numbers past me or progress. The entire process happened so quickly, and in that time I was able to put my concentration on other tasks uninterrupted. In addition, the deal that they got us is very good. I would not hesitate to recommend Utilitywise to other businesses.”

Patrick Lumumba

“Utilitywise were really helpful, enabling us to get really competitive prices for both our gas and electricity. In addition, they were able to link all our different meters, so that our contracts now all end on the same date. I get a lot of calls from utility companies, so it is great to be able to tell them that we are in contract now for the foreseeable future!”

Jenny Rote

“We have been able to save £3,000 per annum with the help of Utilitywise without getting our hands dirty. This is an excellent service and we highly recommend that you give it a go.”

Martina Pollard
Property Management Company