Utilitywise Customer Testimonials

Utilitywise Customer Testimonials

We've helped thousands of businesses save on their energy and services. Here's what our happy customers have to say about Utilitywise.

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“Brother Lawrence Yehia of Utilitywise contacted us and said he would like to discuss ways of assisting the Masjid in lowering its energy usage hence lowering what we pay. I was sceptical, but … he presented us with a quote that was more competitive than we were paying and a proposed energy audit which came with the proposal at no extra cost.

“We now have a gas contract that is price-protected for five years plus our energy audit, which shows significant ways of reducing what we use. Lawrence is now our dedicated consultant who will handle all aspects of the masjid’s energy queries – no more contacting energy suppliers and being kept on hold forever, and no more worrying if and when the energy tariff will come to an end.

“I would recommend Lawrence and his team at Utilitywise to handle your energy, and if you receive a call or a visit from them, listen and let them do what they do best.”

Raja Zafar Iqbal
Secretary, Pakistan Muslim Association