Utilitywise Customer Testimonials

Utilitywise Customer Testimonials

We've helped thousands of businesses save on their energy and services. Here's what our happy customers have to say about Utilitywise.

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“The museum is busier this year than it has ever been and you’d expect this to mean an increase in both gas and electricity consumption but, in fact, consumption is reasonably steady year on year. I’ve been using Utility Insight since the beginning of 2016 and it really helps to have a graphic display of usage and see the savings we’ve made.”

Tricia Croot
Office and Facilities Manager, The Roald Dahl Museum & Story Centre

“It was so easy. Utilitywise dealt with the current suppliers and it’s taken a lot of pressure away. I do not have to stress about the bills any longer. Utility Insight has highlighted areas of concern, such as usage in the early hours when we’re closed! Hopefully we can get to the root of the problem now and make adjustments that, in turn, will reduce our bills.”

Terianne Speak
Centre Manager, Community, Health & Enterprise Centre (CHEC)

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, Lawrence, for all your help and patience with our recent utility transfer. As a charity, it can be a bit daunting looking at changing suppliers and signing up for very long periods when you’re not 100% sure of your future because of funding issues.

“Having said that, you made it all simple, expedient and entirely pain-free. Thanks again for your help and for your continuing availability for any utility-related questions. I would absolutely recommend you and your company to other charities in the future.”

Fiona McRoberts
Support Services Manager, Charity

“We are a social enterprise that provides Advocacy and Training for adults with learning disabilities, difficulties and vulnerabilities across the county of Carmarthenshire. We are a Member-led and Member-focused organisation where all Members have some sort of support issue. We recently moved into larger premises so that we can expand the services that we offer our Members. We now have weekly group sessions and a drop-in facility where people come to socialise and gain important skill sets. Utilitywise has been so helpful in getting us a new utility contract. The service is excellent – we have a single point of contact for any queries. Jodi takes on all the hard work that we as a small business would find frustrating. We would definitely recommend this service to other charitable agencies. Thank you once again, Jodi.”

Sarah Phillips
Charitable Organisation

“We are one of the country’s leading and most progressive charities. We support people in need by helping them make sustainable, positive change in their lives. Utilitywise manage our utility accounts across a vast number of sites and have done so for a number of years. Not only have Utilitywise helped us negotiate competitive supplier pricing, but they have also helped us design an energy efficiency policy across two regional districts through hands-on, practical advice. We would happily recommend their services to any organisation looking at energy spend.”

Yasan Rousev

“At the beginning I was a bit sceptical about using all these energy help services. I researched more about them and I found the Utilitywise site. Couldn’t be any more happy with the services. We really got the best deals we could get for the three meters we have. Our energy consultant Martin has been a pleasure to deal with. Anytime I had a problem with the energy suppliers I just contacted him and he solved the whole situation quick and efficiently. Utilitywise has made a big difference to our charity. It has saved us money and time. I would recommend them to anyone. Keep up the good work!”

Marga Tormo

“Working with Utilitywise has been great. As a result of their efforts Richmond YMCA is looking at saving around £10,000 on its energy costs over the next three years, and this at a time when energy costs are generally increasing. Well done, Utilitywise.”

Ken Allinson
Richmond YMCA

“We are a community arts charity based in Leeds who run our own large building with educational and therapeutic work spaces and offices. Utilitywise approached us offering to review our electricity and gas services at a time when we were in the process of moving into temporary accommodation due to building works being undertaken on our permanent building. This was an extremely busy and stressful time for us, and our energy consultant at Utilitywise could not have been more helpful and understanding. We were by no means straightforward clients as we were moving between two premises, and on a tight budget. Utilitywise managed to save us nearly 50% on our utility bills, as well as organising the utility services for our permanent and temporary premises. Our account manager was very friendly and efficient, and kept us up to date on progress with our accounts. The transition between suppliers was smooth and most of the paperwork was dealt with for us, leaving us to concentrate on running our organisation and packing boxes! We have already recommended Utilitywise to other sister organisations in Leeds, and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.”

Katie Hill

“When Andrew from Utilitywise phoned he seemed to understand all the pressures a business like ours faces and offered to help with our quotes. I was to be honest immediately suspicious, we are often getting calls from companies claiming they can save us money – they are pushy and ill-informed. Andrew was entirely the opposite. He explained how Utilitywise worked and immediately reassured me that they were able to offer a free service. He made all the relevant phone calls, did all the haggling and shopping around and comparing rates (rates which are not available to me as someone who simply rings these companies), and sorted out the paperwork so all I needed to do was sign. He looked at the prices but also the contract dates, and how to tie our four accounts in together as closely as he could. He kept me informed at all stages of his progress and it was obvious he was looking at lots of options. Every time he phoned he was polite and friendly and, by the end of what seemed like a lot of hard work for him with minimal involvement from me, he secured us better rates for longer terms and saved us large amounts of money over the terms of the contracts.”

Karen Dobson

“Darron at Utilitywise is always looking out for the best deals for us and only contacts us when there is the need. Having one company to source and look after our suppliers is a godsend to a charity like ourselves. We truly think we couldn’t have got any better deals if we have invested the time in looking ourselves. We would like to thank Darron Walton our Account Manager for all he does for us now and in the future.”

Heather Titley