Paul Fleckenstein

Paul Fleckenstein

Following his arrival at Utilitywise in 2011, Paul Fleckenstein has progressed through the Utilitywise development programme from Energy Consultant to his current role as Head of Sales – Colleague Integration and Coaching.

Paul Fleckenstein now manages a sales operation of over 70 people


  • Energy Consultant
  • Academy Coach
  • Team Manager in Development
  • Team Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Head of Sales – Colleague Integration and Coaching

“I joined Utilitywise because I was eager to develop my career,” says Paul. “I knew Utilitywise would give me the opportunity to do this because the company was growing so quickly. I have had the privilege to work with some very driven and motivated people who have really helped me to achieve my career goals.”

What do you like about working at Utilitywise? 

I love the fast-paced environment; every day is different. I really enjoy being part of a growing business with ambitious plans.

What have you learned since starting at Utilitywise?

Where do I start? Being a Utilitywise colleague has contributed fantastically to my career. I learn something new every day, across a wide range of different disciplines, from people management and finance, to project management plus much more!

Utilitywise is a fantastic place to build the pillars of your career and I look forward to many more years of growth and development. I’ve learned so much from my colleagues here at Utilitywise and in my opinion, our leadership and executive team is one of the strongest around. We have people who have come to us from some of the biggest companies in the world, mixed with “homegrown” talent who have been promoted from within the business.

What moment are you most proud of in your career with Utilitywise?

I would have to say five promotions in nearly seven years! I joined Utilitywise when it was a small company with 50 employees. and I’m proud that I have been able to grow alongside the business and tackle challenges head on. It is not always easy working for a business that grows so quickly but the opportunities are endless.

Was the role something you were immediately drawn to?

Absolutely. Working with people who join the business and embark on a career with us is what I take most satisfaction from. It is fantastic to watch our dedicated team help new colleagues to achieve key milestones, as is managing the coaching team, who support people throughout different stages.

In terms of my career moving forward, Utilitywise has helped me to focus my ambition and achieve my career goals in a relatively short time and I want to continue to climb the corporate ladder.

What would be your advice to other colleagues wanting to join the company?

You’ll never look back! We pride yourself in professional standards and look to create a fantastic working environment for everyone. If you want to work for  a company that has a focus on career development then look no further. We made over 100 internal promotions last year – not many other business can say that. If you are prepared to give it 100%, you will be successful.