Karl Blake

Karl Blake

Since joining Utilitywise as an Energy Consultant in 2013, Karl Blake has developed his career and experienced plenty of new challenges.

Sales Team Manager Karl Blake reflects on his career at Utilitywise so far

What do you like about working at Utilitywise?

What I value most are the opportunities available at Utilitywise to progress and experience new challenges. Since I joined, the company has expanded and continues to grow: the changes that accompanied this are interesting and always allows you to grow professionally.

What was your first role here at Utilitywise?

I started out as an Energy Consultant then moved into the Customer Care team, where I gained an understanding of our Compliance policy and the effect on customers. From there, I moved into the Compliance & Complaints team, where I progressed to the role of Compliance Manager within a year. Although thoroughly enjoying the role, due to personal commitments I decided to move into a role where I could potentially earn extra money.

Although this was a hard choice, it was the right one for me, and it’s great to work for a company that has the opportunities and ability to move internally to suit your lifestyle. I have recently moved in to the role of a Sales Team Manager for the Irish team in our European operation.

What moment are you most proud of in your career with Utilitywise?

I’m proud of my work in resolving large numbers of complaints and turning them into valued customers who understand that they are appreciated by Utilitywise. It’s also very satisfying to use feedback from customers to implement new procedures so that we can learn from what is working and improve our service for customers old and new.

Was progression originally what you desired in your career with Utilitywise?

I always wanted to progress. Utilitywise is a clear example of a company that encourages and invests in colleagues to do better in themselves, and with hard work and dedication, it is very possible. I feel my current role is not something I would expect to do long term and would possibly like to move back into the compliance function, or an expanding department and progress in something with fresh challenges

What did you do to get where you are today?

I was always consistent in my work, and implemented new procedures and strategies with an aim of benefiting the company. Effective communication plays a big part within any business and I’ve always tried to engage with other departments to get to know colleagues, understand what their role involves, and how that could benefit myself and the company by streamlining and sharing best practices.

What would be your advice to other colleagues wanting to progress within the company?

Be persistent in what you are doing. Communicate with others and make your intentions / aims known. Be good at what you do, as confidence in your own abilities will benefit you in any  role.