Jordon Dobson

Jordon Dobson

Jordon’s making a big impact in his role as Customer Engagement Coordinator.

Can you tell me how long you have worked for Utilitywise?

I’ve worked for Utilitywise for two years and three months.

What do you like about working at Utilitywise? What’s challenging and interesting?

I’ve been fortunate to be involved in many areas of the business meaning each day isn’t the same. We have such a friendly working environment which is always a bonus! The industry we work in is always changing and especially with Utilitywise being the market leader we are constantly evolving our business model, which means I’m always learning.

What was your first role here at Utilitywise? How have you progressed?

My first role was as an account manager when we first started the Customer Service team, and we’ve gone through quite a lot of changes since starting. I’ve now progressed into the Customer Engagement Coordinator role, which gives me the opportunities to meet with our great customers.

What moment are you most proud of in your career with Utilitywise?

I think overall I’m pretty proud of everything I have achieved whilst at Utilitywise, however being nominated and runner up for ‘outstanding service’ for the North East Employee of the Year awards had to one of my proudest.

Was progression originally what you desired in your career with Utilitywise? Was the role you have now something you were immediately drawn to? What else are you looking for?

I think I always strive to better than I can be, I’m always looking for another opportunity. I originally wanted to be a Key Account Manager, I love the idea of meeting our customers. The role I am currently in was originally something I did alongside my account management role. It eventually became a full-time role which I had to apply for and now love! Sometimes I don’t have an idea of what I’m looking for, I think I just always show I’m a trusted employee and willing to help around the business which somehow leads me down different routes.

What did you do to get where you are today?

I initially showed that I was keen to progress within the business, this doesn’t have to be a verbal announcement though. This can be displayed through being helpful, always going the extra mile, being trusted. I made a point of getting to know every department in the business too, I wanted to know the industry I worked in more and more.

What would be your advice to other colleagues wanting to progress within the company?

Take every opportunity you can, these are all lessons in your working life whether they be good or bad, which you can take with you along the way.


  • Account Manager
  • Employee Engagement Committee Member
  • Customer Engagement Coordinator