George Udale

George Udale

From Energy Consultant to Field Sales Closer, George Udale’s career has flourished since joining Utilitywise.

Our very own sales star George Udale shares his Utilitywise success story

What do you like about working at Utilitywise? What’s challenging and interesting?

The thing I like most about working here is the day-to-day challenges you encounter: each day is different. Most importantly, I like how everyone on the team comes together to help each other to ensure the continuous success of our workforce.

What was your first role here at Utilitywise? How have you progressed?

When my employment started at Utilitywise I began as an Energy Consultant. I saw this role as an opportunity to learn everything there is to know about energy and what our customers need. I feel that this role is was essential to gaining my sales experience and knowing the right time to close a sale down. Now I am a Field Sales Closer, where I’m honing my skills in a different area of the business, learning how our Field Sales Agents interact with customers before it comes to me for the close.

What moment are you most proud of in your career with Utilitywise?

So far, the thing I am most proud of is being commended for my success by winning the Sales Star Award at the North East Contact Centre Awards. This award recognised me as one of the top sales people in the North East: this is thanks to Utilitywise.

Was progression originally what you desired in your career with Utilitywise?

I have always wanted to excel in everything I do, so naturally I wanted to progress. When I started at Utilitywise I did want to move into a Closing role as I enjoy clinching the sale. This seemed so far away at first but every day was a step closer. Moving forward, I am looking to move into management so that  I can help others achieve their goals.

What did you do to get where you are today?

To get to where I am today took time and patience. I took advice and coaching from various colleagues and expanded my knowledge, which I still continue to do. I then took what I had learned, along with a strong work ethic, and used it to do everything I could to ensure the continuous achievement and exceeding of targets.

What would be your advice to other colleagues wanting to progress within the company?

My advice to colleagues would be to continue to work hard and take on board any advice given. Be the best you can be and more at your current role and always look for ways to keep yourself motivated.