Christopher Winn

Christopher Winn

Utilitywise Energy Consultant Christopher Winn has benefited from on-the-job training and development, giving him the skills he needed to thrive.

Christopher Winn joined Utilitywise as an Energy Consultant  in January 2017 and, despite having no previous sales experience, is now a high performing member of the team.

What do you like about working at Utilitywise? What’s challenging and interesting about your role?

Working at Utilitywise is the furthest thing from a stereotypical sales environment I could have imagined before I started. The atmosphere is great and everyone you come in to contact with is supportive and has help to offer.

I think that the sheer amount of depth there is to the industry, and how much you need to know to solve the different issues our customers face, is definitely interesting as well as challenging. From knowing the different expectations of suppliers, to what different businesses in each industry require from their utility contracts, I really enjoy expanding my knowledge on a daily basis.

What have you learned since you have been here? 

I’ve learned a lot! I knew next to nothing about the energy industry when I started and even with the huge amount of information they manage to make fathomable through Ignite, there is still something new every day. Our Learning and Development team led us through the programme really well and the support was fantastic.

My first manager really laid the foundation for me to start selling and was an absolute fountain of industry knowledge. I really enjoyed learning from him and everyone on the team, who all shared best practices. My colleagues have been second to none in really developing my sales skills and coaching me.

The support I get from my current team manager is exceptional and our call levelling sessions have allowed me so much insight into developing my approach with customers. My manager really strengthens our team and leads us in the right direction.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Something I really enjoy is dealing with my customers. A lot of them have experienced a range of problems when dealing with utilities for their businesses and have been very happy with the support that Utilitywise has delivered.

Working closely with members of my team to help to deliver our services to customers, definitely makes my day, even if it is more pressure when you are closing a deal for someone else.

Was the role something you were immediately drawn to? How would you like your career to progress?

Since I left the Ignite Foundation Programme, I have loved the role and I am lucky enough to say I enjoy coming to work, even if I didn’t previously see myself in a sales role.

I do really like dealing with the systems and processes inside our organisation as well as working to solve problems our customers face, all the while supporting my colleagues. I am definitely looking for an opportunity to utilise my Optimise management training and think I could apply my skills to leading a team.

What would be your advice to others thinking about joining Utilitywise?

Go for it! I came to the business with no sales or industry experience and through the support of just about everyone, I am delivering our service to customers at a high standard. The opportunities with Utilitywise are fantastic and if you want a career, I would 100% recommend it.