Amy Montgomery

Amy Montgomery

It’s never easy to switch departments, but Amy made the transition with ease.

Amy began working at Utilitywise in the Finance Department, where she was primarily responsible for managing Utilitywise’s employee benefits scheme. After only six months, Amy was offered the position of Employee Engagement Coordinator within the People & HR Department.

Amy’s move to People & HR gave her the opportunity to work on some big employee engagement projects. She’s also worked on internal communications, and regularly works with the Utilitywise management team to drive performance improvements. She also coordinates engagement workshops and drop-in sessions.


  • Benefits Coordinator
  • Employee Engagement Coordinator
  • Internal Communications Advisor

“I love working at Utilitywise,” says Amy. “The career opportunities are endless, I work with fantastic people, and we really care about our employees.”

What do you like about working at Utilitywise? What’s challenging and interesting?

I love the people that I work with and the opportunities available to colleagues here. No two days are the same which is a challenge within itself – but it’s great!

What have you learned since you have been here? Who have you learned the most from?

I’ve learnt so much since working here, my manager has taught me so much about Internal Communications including the best channels to use, how to adapt your writing style to your audience and new communication styles. She’s very passionate about department and it’s great to work for someone like that.

What moment are you most proud of in your career with Utilitywise? 

I feel I’ve achieved a great deal in the past three years; I’m most proud of designing and launching our internal intranet, as well doing all the preparation for our first group engagement survey.

Was the role something you were immediately drawn to? What else are you looking for? What progression would you like for yourself?

My role has changed quite a bit since I first started. My first year within Internal Communications found me responsible for a lot of the business-as-usual communications and managing the comms channels. I’ve now moved into a development role which sees me responsible for our strategy communications – it’s very interesting and exciting to be part of the project team. I’m learning lots of new things every day, the team are great too!

What would be your advice to other colleagues wanting to join the company?

Apply today, there’s lots of potential here for people. You’ll love the fast paced, friendly culture.