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We’ll find you a 100% renewable energy tariff that doesn’t cost the earth. Enjoy the feeling of reducing your carbon footprint and in turn reduce your utility bills. That’s #carbonkarma.

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That's Carbon Karma

Reduce your bills and your impact on the environment

We’ll find you the most competitive green energy tariff and help you take steps to reduce your energy use.

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Why go green?

  • It's easy

    It's easy

    Using a green energy tariff is one of the easiest ways to reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

  • Customers like it

    Customers like it

    Going green sends a strong message to customers that you care about the environment, making them more likely to buy from you.

  • Reputation enhancing

    Reputation enhancing

    Get green certification to display in your business and promote your carbon commitment to customers, employees and potential investors.

  • Business winning

    Business winning

    When bidding for certain contracts, you may not be eligible unless you meet certain environmentally friendly preconditions. We can help you meet them.

  • Money saving

    Money saving

    A Utilitywise green tariff could be cheaper than what you pay today, plus we’ll help you reduce your bills through energy saving.

Certified Green: 100% Renewable Energy

Why use Utilitywise?

  • We work with the leading green energy suppliers in the UK to find you the most competitive and suitable renewable energy tariff for your business.
  • We’ll audit your electricity, gas and water use to help you reduce energy consumption, lower your bills, realise future savings and improve your green credentials.
  • We’ll sort all of the switching for you so there will be no disruption to your business.

Go green today: Save pounds and the planet

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  • Did you know?

    Through the Climate Change Act, the government has committed to reduce carbon emissions by at least 80% of 1990 levels by 2050.

  • What is green / renewable energy?

    Green energy is energy produced from natural renewable sources, including: gas from methane produced using bio-waste such as crop cuttings, food waste and animal dung; electricity from geothermal heat from the ground, from biogen, or from solar, wind or wave power.

We can help with your business water too

The open water market means you can now switch supplier and get a better deal on your business water, we’ll find you the most competitive deal.

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