Energy deals for pubs & licensed premises

Energy deals for pubs & licensed premises

Utilitywise specialise in providing electricity & gas for pubs and licensed premises, with a wide range of bespoke energy deals.

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Great Pub Energy Deals

Whether you’re told you can’t have credit on your contract or electricity will cost you more in premiums or a security deposit, we can help.

Who Utilitywise can help

  • Companies that can get credit but your credit score is now poor and your supplier wants a security deposit – typically around 20% of annual spend.

  • You haven’t been asked for a deposit but your energy supplier has raised the premiums in case you default at a later date.

  • Your company is in receivership and was refused an electricity or gas contract.

  • You run a new start-up that has yet to be given a credit score.

  • As a sole trader, your energy supplier deems you a bad credit risk.

  • You’re in a business category with a reputation for being bad payers, such as the leisure and pub industry.

Utilitywise puts you back in control

  • The last thing you need when your company is strapped for cash is to pay more for your gas and electricity. Yet a bad credit rating means energy will often cost you more at a time when you’re already in a bad financial position.

  • If you’re declined direct renewal because of poor credit and you don’t pay the deposit payments your energy supplier offers, you could end up paying 60-70% more on your premiums. This is called a ‘deemed defaulter’ rate.

  • Whatever your situation, call us for a solution that gives you the leeway you need to carry on with your business.

  • Every new business energy contract receives Utility Insight SmartDash which helps you monitor your energy and water consumption so you can stop wasting energy and water and start making energy savings.

How we'll help you

  • If you’ve had a bad 12 months’ profits and accounts, we could approach a different supplier for a contract.

  • Start-up businesses are often in a Catch-22. They haven’t filed accounts so they can’t be assessed. We know suppliers who can accommodate new starter businesses for credit.

  • If your company can’t pay a lump sum security deposit, we can often negotiate a small increase in premiums in the unit rate over a longer term instead.

  • We know suppliers who will pass credit on to pubs with no issues, if you have traded for more than 12 months.

  • You might have a parent company you could use for credit – we can help you get electricity even if the other company has bad credit.

  • We can negotiate with existing suppliers’ management teams and ask them to be more lenient, if you are still paying your invoices but are assessed as a higher risk.

We never decline a business!

And once you have a new contract, we can also help you save money by managing your energy more efficiently in future.

You’ll get help from a Utilitwise account manager who has lots of options at their fingertips, including doing a pre-credit check. We also have a wide-ranging network of suppliers they can call on who have different criteria when it comes to no credit check electricity.

Your account manager will start by establishing why you’ve been declined by your energy supplier and what your need is. Their solution will depend on your answer.



Whatever your business, we can give you the time to concentrate on your own business while we use our energy expertise to get you the best deal. Talk to us about our Utility Management Plan today.