Sitework Solutions

A fully managed, end-to-end new connections service for electricity, gas and water.

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Sitework Solutions is a fully managed, end-to-end new connections service for electricity, gas and water. Our dedicated Service Delivery team will liaise with the infrastructure companies on your behalf and support you throughout the process.

We will appoint a market leading utilities infrastructure partner to undertake the work on your property. Our quality assurance procedures and Key Performance Indicators will ensure that our delivery partner must meet best practice service levels. Throughout the project we will monitor progress to ensure it meets your expectations, providing accurate time frames as to when each stage will be completed.

Fully managed end-to-end solution

As part of our Strategic Utility Management Plan, we offer you more than just meter installation. Once set up, we will ensure that the connection is registered, meter installed and energised successfully. We can then help to ensure you receive the data from your new meter by securing competitive Data Collector (DC) and Meter Operator (MOP) contracts. Finally, we can negotiate a new supply contract for the meter and allow you to access the data remotely with powerful monitoring and targeting software.

Other solutions available:

  • Service alterations
  • Elevated pressure supplies
  • Meter removals
  • Meter relocation
  • Meter housing maintenance
  • Supply disconnections
  • Technical consultation
  • Fuel conversions
  • Works upstream and downstream of the meter
  • Complex solutions such as boosters, governors and compressors
  • Compliance Surveys
  • Outlet pipework
  • Gas transportation
  • Maintenance

Why choose Utilitywise?

  • We can offer competitive prices.

  • We can fast track your project if it’s urgent.

  • We save you time and hassle with a fully-managed service.

  • We provide peace of mind by using an experienced team of experts.

  • We can help you with all three utilities – electricity, gas and water.

  • We comply with all relevant Health & Safety legislation.

  • We can support you with all your UK requirements.

  • We can provide a joined up end-to-end service. If you open a new site, we can manage it all from meter installation to a new DC & MOP provider, procurement tender and visualising consumption data online.

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