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We have the in-house expertise to manage any risk associated with flexible energy procurement.

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If you’ve secured a flexible energy contract, we have the in-house expertise to manage any risk.

For businesses open to flexible energy contracts, there is great opportunity to reduce energy costs, but it does carry an element of risk. Understanding your position in the market and defining and implementing the right strategy is a complex process that could mean you miss out on reaping the full rewards of a flexible contract. We help manage this process for our clients and reduce the risks involved in flexible energy procurement.

How Utilitywise can help

We have the expertise in-house to understand the market and manage any risk. You will be allocated a support team including a Risk Management Consultant (RMC), Analyst, and Account Director who will work with you to create a Risk Management Policy for your organisation.

They will support you for the duration of your contract. Your policy will be agreed on upfront before we trade and will be tailored to your risk appetite and corporate needs. A flexible energy supply contract will then be put in place and your policy will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Key to our service is understanding your goals and requirements so that we can develop the right strategy for you and your business.

Our service includes:

  • Strategy and Policy Development.
  • Leading Risk Management expertise and market analysis.
  • Access to a fully-flexible contract.
  • Position Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Bespoke Market Intelligence.

Live market prices are available through our online reporting. You will also receive a weekly market summary and price forecast message, the RM EXAMINER, along with twice-daily updates emailed to your desktop. We can also conduct workshops with you to help you understand your contract and position.

The A-Z of Your Flexible Energy Invoices

Why choose Utilitywise?

  • Managing risk requires resources and time – we’ll assign a dedicated team to work on your behalf.

  • You’ll have the ability to change your strategy to fit your needs, rather than be bound by just one.

  • It can be complicated to determine your position in the market; our specialist team do this for you.

  • We conduct regular review meetings to discuss progress and strategy.

  • The Utilitywise Corporate Risk Management team have been managing flexible contracts since 2004 and look after some of the largest energy users in the UK in a variety of market sectors.

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