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Utilitywise has vast experience with all stages of the OJEU tendering process adhering to all regulations involved.

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Public sector organisations must procure energy through an OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) compliant process.

Organisations such as Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, MOD, Central Government Departments and Educational Establishments are all covered by this legislation. The public sector market consumes 19.4TWh of electricity spread over 8,000 electricity supply contracts and around 2,500 new notices are advertised every week.

Utilitywise has vast experience with all stages of the OJEU tendering process adhering to all regulations involved. We have extensive knowledge of all OJEU procedures and offer added value services such as Bill Validation to ensure that all your charges are applied correctly.

How Utilitywise can help

Utilitywise offers a fully OJEU tender compliant process for energy procurement, with a solution for both fixed and flexible price contracts. We can support you through the whole process.

You get full visibility of all responses and if any supplier declines our Invitation to Tender (ITT), full explanations of their reasons will be sought and fed back to you.

Individually Negotiated Contract

  • We can fully manage a flexible or fixed energy procurement contract on your behalf.
  • A fixed price contract will help to aid budget certainty, which is key to many organisations in an ever-changing market.
  • An individual flexible contract is a great alternative, however, as it enables you to capitalise on market rises and falls.
  • We will analyse and rank all supplier offerings and have fact-to-face meetings with you when required.

Framework for Portfolio

  • Utilitywise assembles a group of sizeable energy users from the Public Sector to qualify for a fully-flexible energy contract.
  • We have already completed the tender process and set up the framework with a contracting authority, so it’s easy for you to join.
  • Our innovative solution benefits from group buying power, best-practice Energy Risk Management and an excellent track record.
  • It’s ideal for universities, colleges, NHS trusts or housing associations looking for an alternative to fixed contracts or for those who find their current flexible contracts too restrictive.

Why choose Utilitywise?

  • Our award-winning team support you with great customer service and manage the entire process.
  • We’re well placed to secure you the best deal for your organisations; we fully understand the OJEU process and have strong relationships with all suppliers.
  • You’ll receive a more valuable service from us than staying with a public sector consortium; our energy market knowledge is second none and we can offer additional beneficial services such as checking the accuracy of your bills.
  • We save you time and resources by managing the entire process on your behalf.
  • Utilitywise can also work with you to achieve government environmental targets and comply with relevant legislation.

Our experience includes working with local authorities, hospitals, universities and colleges and the UK’s prime broadcaster to tender via the OJEU process.

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