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Business Energy Contracts

If you have a set budget for utilities and want to know exactly what you’re paying for your energy, a fixed price energy contract is perfect for you!

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What’s a fixed price energy contract?

A fixed price energy contract fixes your unit price at the time of agreeing the contract. It’s ideal for small businesses that have a set budget for utilities.

Fixing your unit prices for up to 5 years – and making sure you’re super energy-efficient – means there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises when your bills land.

Protect yourself against rising prices

Our market experts  have predicted that winter 2018 prices could be a third more expensive than they are today!

Fixing your energy contracts helps insulate your business from these increases.

Why choose a fixed contract?

  • Savings icon

    Great for budgeting

    Make sure you don’t pay more for your energy than you’ve budgeted for.

  • price rising icon

    No price rises

    Protect your business against energy price rises by fixing your contract for up to 5 years.

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    Peace of mind

    Get back to what you do best, knowing you won’t get a nasty energy bill you weren’t expecting.

What we can do for you

Whether you’re a high street retailer or run an independent café, we can fix your price and get you the right business energy contract.

Want to switch supplier? We’ll do all the negotiations with suppliers and manage the entire switching process for you – you won’t even know we’re here!

Still a year away from your renewal date? Don’t worry, we can fix your prices up to 12 months in advance of your current contract ending. With the ability to fix your energy prices for up to 5 years, you’ve got budget stability for a long time.

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Why choose Utilitywise?

  • We’ll do all the legwork to switch you onto your new contract. We’ll be super busy in the background but we won’t disturb you unless it’s necessary.

  • We help over 40,000 business manage their energy and water use – so you know you can count on us to look after your utilities.

  • We’ll give you access to our brand new Utility Hub where you can store your bills and submit your monthly meter reads.

  • We’re not just all about energy! We can also help with business broadband and IT services, giving you a range of options from our selected partners.

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“By fixing our prices early through Utilitywise, we saved a good amount of money over the 3 years of our energy contract.”

Will Cox
Facilities Manager, Malcolm C Foy & Co

Utilitywise Energy Consultant Colleague