Utility Insight

Mobile energy and water monitoring for smart businesses.

Ever wanted total insight into your water, gas and power consumption? Utility Insight is an online reporting platform that gives you exactly that.

Utility Insight takes complex data from half-hourly meters, sub-meters and other monitoring systems and makes it simple. Utility Insight helps you monitor your consumption so you can stop wasting energy and water and start making water and energy savings. Log in on your desktop or download the mobile app to see your water and energy data.

It’s a powerful weapon in your fight to reduce your energy and water consumption.

How it works

Data is converted into clear and simple charts that show you how much energy and water your business is using. You can set energy reduction targets and use the Utility Insight SmartDash device monitoring system which connects to your water, gas and electricity meters and monitors your progress. Log in and check your stats whenever and wherever you want. All you need is an internet connection.

Total Insight

What it means for your business

  • Monitor trends

    Find out exactly how your business uses energy and water.

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    Identify peaks

    Visualise peaks in usage so you know when to reduce consumption.

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    Spot anomalies

    Identify water leaks and unusual energy usage and take action.

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    Stop waste

    Tackle out-of-hours consumption and start saving energy and money.


Two products, one dashboard.

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    UI SmartDash

    Simple energy and water monitoring on your phone and desktop.

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    UI Energy Analysis

    Dig deep into your consumption with help from our experts.

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