Utility Insight SmartDash

Utility Insight  SmartDash – An easy-to-understand dashboard showcasing utility data charts and gauges.


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Our customers get Utility Insight as standard, but there’s nothing standard about the savings you could make.

Utility Insight SmartDash gives you total insight into your power, gas and water consumption, so you could reduce your energy consumption by up to 33% and water by 50%.

Utility Insight takes complex information and makes it simple.

SmartDash is simple to use, so it’s suitable for the majority of business users. You’ll be able to view gas, power and water consumption across your whole site, by meter or by more detailed monitoring level – we can monitor down to the circuit level.

SmartDash answers the vast majority of questions that you will have about energy and water consumption and arms you with the knowledge you need to start cutting your consumption and saving money. SmartDash is accessed through a web browser or smartphone app which means that you’ll never be far from your utility consumption information.

SmartDash Utility Insight from Utilitywise

Dashboards are an ideal way to showcase energy reduction activities from displaying your site’s reduction targets and renewable resources to energy saving tips and managing multiple site or machinery; to demonstrating corporate social responsibility activities.

Exciting visualisations make energy data easier to understand so you can see how your building is performing. Convert kilowatt-hours (kWh) into monetary value or carbon calculations; Expressing data in everyday units make energy understandable for everyone.

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