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Wholesale energy prices are volatile and non-commodity costs (NCCs) are increasing. Our in-house analysis shows that by 2020 NCCs will account for the largest portion of your energy bill at 64%. Our bureau services can help you take control of your energy and water costs by ensuring bill accuracy and unearthing hidden savings.

How Utilitywise can help

For efficient energy and water management, data and analytics need to be available in real-time, 24/7/365. Our cloud software, apps and solutions are all the utility management tools and support you need to meter, monitor, control, report and display your site’s activities.

You have the power to view your data across multiple devices from desktop to smartphone; providing access anytime, anywhere. Using this data, our bureau services then enable you to analyse your spend so you can take action to make real cost and consumption savings.

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Utility Bill Optimisation

Utility Bill Optimisation is a term we use to describe a wealth of intelligent bureau services, reports and analysis we can offer your business.

There are four key elements to our solution:

  • Bill Analysis

    To ensure the accuracy of your bills to avoid overpaying, we have the capability and expertise to validate each element of your invoice every month – even before you pay it if you prefer. We can also analyse historical bills on your behalf.

  • Financial Reporting

    If you work in finance, or report to your finance team, then you need accurate and reliable data. This is where we can support you.

    From long-term budgets per site to payment files and tenant billing, we have a host of solutions that can be adapted to your needs.

  • Consumption Insight

    We transform big data into insightful analysis, cutting your energy costs and reducing your carbon emissions. Our mix of expertise in energy markets, billing and controls is the perfect combination.

  • Corporate Controls

    With our Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled solutions, we help you take control of your utilities usage and improve your energy efficiency, optimise your business assets and turn your sites into smart buildings.

Why choose Utilitywise?

We have a proven track record analysing utility bills and consumption to uncover hidden savings.
In our 2015/16 financial year we:


  • Checked 25,204 half-hourly (HH) electricity bills, 8,083 non-half hourly (NHH) bills, 8,627 gas and 743 water bills

  • Managed invoices that had a total spend of £233,069,270

  • Reclaimed £658,848.38 for clients

  • Identified and achieved Capacity Analysis savings of £244,244

  • To find out more, download our Utility Bill Optimisation brochure.

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