Utility Bill Validation

Facing inaccurate business utility bills? We can check and validate your bills down to the very last penny.

Check Your Bills

We understand the complex world of utility billing so you don’t have to

Accurate data and utility billing management have long been an area of concern for energy customers. Inaccurate invoices place a substantial cost burden on energy users yet many customers do not have the time or resource to resolve billing issues themselves.

Switching suppliers can also lead to incorrect data input and consumption data is frequently estimated, with some organisations having meters read as little as once a year.

How we can help

The Utilitywise Data Solutions and Bureau team provide a full invoice checking and bill validation service for clients. We’ll compare invoices against our calculation of the correct charges that should have been applied according to the supply contracts currently in place.

With our Pre and Post-Payment Bill Validation service, we will report on variances down to the last penny and can work to an agreed tolerance level when raising queries with your supplier. We provide you with our full analysis for each month highlighting any invoice errors and actions we have taken with your supplier(s) to resolve the errors found.

Our services include:

  • Pre-Payment Bill Validation – invoices are checked within 5 working days and prior to the payment due date ensuring that any discrepancies are corrected by your supplier. This service delivers a quick turnaround of any issues, helping with financial planning and providing reassurance that you only pay for what you use.
  • Post-Payment Bill Validation – invoices are checked within six weeks of receipt, on a monthly or quarterly basis. We work to an agreed tolerance level and liaise with both you and your supplier to acquire either a rebate or a credit/debit on your next bill.
  • Retrospective Bill Validation – invoices are checked going back up to a period of six years. The invoice batch can cover specific years and/or specific sites. Any discrepancies in your energy billing will be identified and the supplier held accountable. We will then liaise with your supplier to acquire a rebate if necessary, ensuring that you are kept informed throughout the process.
  • Bespoke Reporting – We can provide a bespoke reporting service to suit your individual needs.
  • Tenant Recharging – For landlords, we offer a tenant recharging service. This would usually be part of the bill validation service if required.

What we check

The Utilitywise Data Solutions team carry out over 200 different checks which includes a review of all charges and rates and includes the following:

  • All unit rates and charges (supplier contract).
  • All published rates and charges (for example DUoS rates, DUoS losses and water rates).
  • Flexible charging and reconciliations.
  • Transportation charges and reconciliations (gas).
  • Triad charges and reconciliations (electricity).
  • MPANs/voltages (electricity).
  • The accuracy of billing dates.
  • Ensuring correct sites are billed.
  • Missing invoices/meters.
  • Half Hourly Data (HHD)/meter read consistency.
  • Estimated/actual meter read frequency.
  • Taxes
  • All calculations on an invoice.

The A-Z of Your Flexible Energy Invoices

Why choose Utilitywise?

Our Data Solutions and Bureau team has over 70 years combined experience working exclusively in the highly specialised area of data management and utility billing.
We provide a complete service to you and make sure that:

  • For our ongoing Bill Validation Pre and Post Payment services, we check every element of your invoice down to the last £0.01 so you can be sure you only pay for what you use.

  • For our Retrospective Bill Validation offering, we will strategically check a sample of your invoices to uncover errors and potential rebates.

  • Discrepancies in your energy billing will be identified by our expert team and presented to you in a report format.

  • Once identified, we go the extra mile liaising with your supplier to recover overcharges saving you valuable time and hassle.

  • You’re kept fully informed throughout the process.

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