Utility Insight – Analysis

View and compare energy metering data across multiple sites monitoring efficiency, cost and waste.

Utilitywise - Utility Insight

Powerful data, total control

Providing real-time energy metering data and statistics while quantifying activities, Utility Insight, our energy analysis software, can identify energy costs per piece of equipment, per site or across an entire estate/portfolio.

Energy analysis enables you to view, analyse, compare, identify and quantify energy consumption inefficiencies.

Utility Insight features all the standard energy management reports including cost and energy consumption (kWh) profiles, in and out-of-hours consumption charts and comparisons to historical data, as dynamic, as dynamic profiling and degree-day reports.

Analysis SmartDash from Utilitywise

View energy data in a variety of formats from kilwatt-hours (kWh) and carbon to raw data such as m3 , litres etc.

Utility Insight will let you easily import or export data. You can easily import HH/NHH (Half-Hourly/Non-Half-Hourly) data from AMR providers or metering data from existing BMS.

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