ESOS Phase 1

The ESOS Phase 1 compliance deadline has passed.

If you still need to comply we can help.

ESOS compliance enforcement notices

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory compliance scheme in the UK, derived from Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

ESOS Phase 1 compliance

Have you put off ESOS compliance for so long that now you’re worried about the consequences?

The ESOS Phase 1 compliance deadline passed in December 2015. Even so, many companies are still yet to comply.

If you qualify for ESOS Phase 1 and haven’t yet taken action, the Environment Agency (EA) will have been in touch with you.


It’s likely you’ve received a compliance note or Enforcement Notice from the EA. At December 2017, the EA has brought 240 companies into compliance via this method.

In the ultimate worst-case scenario, non-compliant companies face up to a £90,000 fine, injunctions, civil actions or prosecution. Those who have received a fine will still need to comply with ESOS.

Choose Utilitywise to help you with ESOS compliance:

  • We’ve helped over 300 clients with ESOS Phase 1 compliance and have identified almost half a billion kWh savings.

  • Our team of dedicated ESOS Lead Assessors and highly trained Energy Auditors will work hard to get you compliant as quickly as possible, and support you in your conversations with the Environment Agency.

  • Our experienced team thoroughly understand the requirements of the legislation.

  • We can help you implement any recommended opportunities from your ESOS compliance, so you can benefit from identified energy savings.

ESOS is still here – put a plan in place

Need help with Phase 2 ESOS compliance?

The next deadline is 5 December 2019.

Find out more about ESOS Phase 2 compliance.

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