Edd:e – Energy Monitoring Solution

Edd:e monitors each circuit on the distribution board it’s wired to, giving you a detailed picture of your energy use 24-hours a day and 365 days a year.

Edd:e - from Utilitywise

To get circuit-level visibility of your energy use, you need Edd:e

The Edd:e appliance system monitors each circuit on the distribution board it’s wired to, giving you a detailed picture of your energy usage 24-hours a day and 365 days a year.

On average, Edd:e energy  monitoring system shows our clients ways to reduce their energy consumption by 27%. It has even resulted in a 30% reduction.

Make informed decisions about your energy use

Edd:e helps monitor energy usage and gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about the actions you need to take in order to save energy. It shows you exactly how much energy is being used, where it is being used, and when. For example, Edd:e will show you the energy being used on one floor and compare it with the energy being used on another. It will show you how much energy is used when your office is closed and help you spot which departments are using power and what they’re using it for.

Edd:e gives you an incredible amount of detail about your energy use:

  • Identify where, when and how energy is consumed on site.
  • Identify unusual, unexpected, or above average levels of consumption.
  • Shows where energy consumption can be reduced.
  • Shows actions that can be taken to lower your carbon footprint.

Edd:e is an energy management tool that puts you back in control of your energy load.

Managing the flow of information

The Edd:e product provides so much information that you will have access to an energy consultant to help you interpret it. These will come in the form of a monthly desktop consultancy reports. The reports can be customised to meet your needs, but they’ll always include an analysis of your overall consumption, out-of-hours consumption, and a report on your lighting.

The reports also make a series of energy saving suggestions, showing you where energy can be saved, or drawing your attention to anomalous usage.

Real time energy observations

When you do take action to reduce energy consumption, Edd:e will give you a real time update on the effects of that action. Almost as soon as a light is switched off, you will see the change reflected in the monitoring system data stream provided by Edd:e.

Edd:e constantly monitors your electricity usage, allowing you to immediately identify any upward creep in your energy consumption allowing you to make strategic decisions based on your smart energy data.

Where does the information from Edd:e go?

The data collected by Edd:e is fed into a web-based reporting platform to which you will have access. This allows you to monitor your electricity meters and your energy use across all your circuits in real time from any computer with an internet connection.

Energy use is measured in five minute intervals (with the option to measure in one minute intervals) and retains two years’ worth of data for analysis.


Edd:e is quickly and easily installed and works in hand with your metered energy data. It can be fitted to both commercial and industrial premises, and is unobtrusive in operation.

Edd:e uses a wireless network to link the various distribution board sensors together, so there’s no need for costly and disruptive wiring to be fitted across your site.

Our installation team will work when your business is closed to make sure you experience minimum disruption.


Utility Insight

Utility Insight takes complex data from half-hourly meters, sub-metering and other monitoring control systems and makes it simple. Utility Insight helps you monitor your consumption so you can stop wasting energy and water and start making savings. Log in on your desktop or download the mobile app.

It’s a powerful weapon in your fight to reduce your energy and water consumption.

How it works

Electrical and energy metering data is converted into clear and simple charts that show you how much energy and water your business is using. You can set energy reduction targets and use UISmartDash to monitor your progress. Log in and check your stats whenever and wherever you want. All you need is an internet connection.

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Utility Insight from Utilitywise

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