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What is an intelligent building?

An intelligent building is a smart, integrated facility that is more efficient and cost effective to run than a traditional site. A mix of interconnectivity and cutting edge technologies help to improve efficiencies, reduce wastage and lead to lower running costs.

Intelligent buildings are often referred to as smart buildings and encompass the principles of traditional energy management systems and building controls.

Intelligent building opportunities

We believe it’s important for industrial and commercial businesses to create an intelligent building to plug into the smart grid. Businesses will play a key role in creating the smart city vision of the future.

By creating an intelligent building you can cut costs, reduce carbon and boost your environmental credentials. You can even create a competitive advantage and unlock new revenue streams that would have been previously unthinkable in a traditional building set up.

Remote control

By remotely monitoring and managing your site portfolio you can gain significant efficiencies. It’s now possible to view all your sites’ data in a single platform. This delivers total visibility allowing you to monitor, control, and manage sites across the globe. Intelligent buildings are versatile, easy to use, and remotely configurable at the touch of a button.

We believe we’re the perfect partners for forward thinking businesses that are ready to upgrade to intelligent buildings and smarter business.

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