Intelligent Building Controls

Introducing the next generation of IoT monitoring and controls. Intelligent buildings, smarter business.

Intelligent Building Controls

Businesses with complex or multiple sites can find it difficult to maximise their buildings’ energy performance. Being smarter about how you use energy can reduce consumption and improve your energy efficiency, lowering costs and cutting wastage.

We’re confident our Intelligent Building Controls solution can deliver 20% savings with an ROI of less than 12 months.

Energy management and controls are changing

Building Management Systems (BMS) as you know them are a thing of the past. As the Internet of Things (IoT) connects ever more devices, new opportunities are arising to help you better control, monitor, meter, and manage your energy and water usage as well as your sites’ critical business systems. IoT gives you the power to control your energy consumption from your phone, tablet, or web-browser anytime, anywhere, at the touch of a button.

Our Intelligent Building Controls solution is more powerful and cost-effective than any other traditional BMS in the market today. Powered by technology giants including VodafoneDell, Intel and Cisco, we’re revolutionising the controls market.

Intelligent Building Controls solutions mean …

  • Full integration. View, manage, and control all your buildings’ critical business systems in one place with a cohesive, joined-up strategy that includes energy, water, security, heating, lighting, access control systems, and point of sale.
  • Never having to wait for data. Access real-time data 24/7/365, anytime and anywhere, from desktop to smartphone.
  • Data is turned into valuable and actionable insights. Transform your utilities data into useable information, helping reduce consumption and control costs.
  • Simple and quick implementation with minimal disruption. We can set up our equipment in minutes and there’s no need to re-wire. In fact, once we’re set up you can turn off your old systems.
  • You save money. Cut your operating costs by 20%, even on your most efficient buildings. ROI is typically under 12 months in an industry where up to five-year paybacks are commonplace.

Intelligent Building Controls IOT

Intelligent buildings, smarter business

Most building management systems (BMS) feature locked protocol systems. This means that all main systems including fire alarms, security, energy and water consumption, surveillance, and access control have an operating station which is locked. This results in two painful truths for building managers:

  • That each system operates on its own, locking-out the opportunity for them to work together to bring efficiency and cost savings.
  • That the building manager is bound by the business models of the proprietary systems’ operators, who like to sell licenses and expensive maintenance contracts.

Our solutions allow all your systems to operate together smoothly and efficiently, sitting above all your incumbent systems, including any existing BMS. It provides a single controls interface for all your automation systems and helps your building work better for you.

With Utilitywise Intelligent Building Controls solutions you can save money on maintenance and energy, turning your site into a smart, intelligent building of the future that can predict and proactively take action on future threats and opportunities.

For half-hourly (HH) billed sites, additional strategies are configured to provide extra cost savings at DUoS times and against Triad warnings. Reducing your consumption during these times can significantly lower your bills.

Optimisation and Analytics

We can unlock the true potential of your buildings through sophisticated data analysis and reporting. Our team can optimise your sites’ assets without impacting their performance. In fact, we help your building work better for you and manage this for you on an ongoing basis. By improving maintenance, lowering licence fee costs and creating a connected strategy for your sites we can cut costs. And remember, it’s not just limited to energy.

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