Eco & Energy Efficiency Finance Scheme

Boost your energy efficiency with no capital outlay. We can help you secure financing for your energy efficiency projects.

Energy Efficiency Financing from Utilitywise

Energy efficiency doesn’t have to carry an upfront cost

If you’ve had an energy audit (or conducted some other analysis of your energy use), you’ll understand what changes you need to make if you want to lower your energy consumption. For example, you might have had a Utilitywise Energy Audit. This is built around actual products so the savings shown are very accurate and include return on investment. These energy savings could be substantial.

Of course no matter how short the return on investment or how big the energy savings, you still have to find the money to pay for the projects. It’s a cost you might not want to meet out of your current cash reserves.

Utilitywise can help

We have arrangements with a number of funding bodies that provide finance for projects that result in an energy saving. These include the Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme, a joint initiative between Siemens Financial Services and the Carbon Trust.

These schemes can only be used if the energy saving outweighs the cost of the finance. We can manage the whole process for you from preparing the paperwork to project managing the implementation.

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