Ecofit Energy Systems & Solutions for Business

Do you already know exactly which projects you need to carry out to reduce your energy consumption? Then it’s time to call in our Ecofit team.

Utilitywise - Ecofit

Our Ecofit Team can fit a range of energy saving devices and equipment into industrial and commercial properties

Our expert team can advise on any re-fit projects that need to be implemented in order to realise energy savings, as well as devise and undertake the refit projects themselves. Our experts will work with you to create a project plan that will suit your business, incorporating any recommendations produced by the Energy Health Check, Energy Audit, or Edd:e reports.

Ecofit Projects

Your Ecofit project will cover all types of energy saving devices, from simple time switches to complete lighting refurbishments. A typical lighting Ecofit might involve:

  • Low energy lighting. For example, LED spotlights use 92% less energy than halogen spotlights, while inefficient strip lighting uses over 20% more energy than T5 tubes. You can save even more by switching from a T12 tube to an LED equivalent.
  • Motion sensors. These small devices will turn lights on and off automatically, so your lights will never be turned on overnight – when they should be switched off.
  • Timers. These will also make sure lights are turned off during out-of-office hours. For example, a retailer might install timers to the lights in their shop windows to ensure that they are turned off after midnight. Making sure the lights are off while there’s nobody around to see the products on sale could result in a significant energy saving.
  • Dimmable controls. These controls will sense the sunlight coming in and reduce the power going to the lights, maintaining the correct lux level for your staff while reducing your energy consumption.
  • Employee engagement. Our Ecofit Team can help you educate your employees to make sure that all of the equipment installed is used safely and correctly.

About the Ecofit Team

Our Ecofit Team is N.I.C.E.I.C. approved and all personnel responsible for carrying out Ecofit projects hold current C.R.B. checks.

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Our Ecofit team can carry out your energy efficiency projects with ease. Get in touch to find out more.