Energy Health Check

Find out how energy efficient your business is in comparison to your competitors.

Energy Health Check - from Utilitywise

We can quickly benchmark your site’s energy efficiency against similar businesses across the UK.

The Energy Health Check (EHC) rates your property for energy efficiency and benchmarks it against other similar properties in your industry. It gives you an accurate understanding of how much energy you’re using and what kind of cuts in consumption are realistic for your business.

  • It’s the first step in getting your energy use under control.
  • If your business is efficient it sends a powerful message to your customers, staff and other stakeholders.
  • If your find out you rate poorly then this can act as the spur to implement energy saving measures.
  • If you rate as highly efficient then this can act as the reason to drive home even more energy savings.

Energy Health Check Ratings

The Energy Health Check will give your premises a rating from A to G.

G or F rating

A rating of G or F means that your site is performing well below the national average for energy efficiency. Our expertise in helping clients reduce their energy consumption and lower their carbon footprint means that we should be able to make some powerful savings for your business.

E or D

Your site is around the national average benchmark but still below it. Some involvement of our energy saving services could push your efficiency and show the way to making savings.


You are spot on the national average. This doesn’t mean that there are no energy savings that could be made; there will be similar businesses that are more energy efficient. With our advice and help it may be possible to lift your business into the B or A band, which would send a  powerful message to your stakeholders (staff, customers, shareholders, etc) that you are serious about energy efficiency.

B or A

These clients are consuming far less energy and therefore are more energy efficient than the average business. If your business has this rating you should be congratulated. Further energy reductions can be achieved through correct management of your energy.  By utilising other Utilitywise services such as smart meters, Utility Insight and Edd:e; our energy monitoring system additional savings can be achieved.

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