BeMS – Building Energy Management Systems

Manage, control and co-ordinate your buildings’ critical business systems.

What is a Building energy Management System (BeMS)?

A Building energy Management System enables users to implement, amend and manage control strategies on a wide portfolio of sites from a single touch of a button. As the name suggests a BeMS focuses on energy related services such as a HVAC, lighting and power.

How does a BeMS differ to a Building Management System (BMS)?

A BMS has a wider remit. It is a system to monitor and control a wide range of critical business systems such as surveillance, fire, security and access control, water, air quality, lighting, heating, and ventilation. It is also known as a Building Control System (BCS).

Control to save

Spend less time manually amending control strategies across your portfolio of sites and drive operational efficiency with intuitive BMS controls. BMS can react to changing site or building business hours by optimising scheduling during nights, weekends, and bank holidays.

A successful BMS enables users to group multiple sites into logical categories and apply control strategy changes and processes to numerous buildings in one easy step.

Cut consumption

Building Management System software provides functionality to:

  • Implement and manage control strategies across multiple sites.
  • Categorise sites into logical groups to allow multi-site updates
  • Create overrides and exception events for one-off or recurring control scenarios.

A different approach to building controls

We are not a traditional Building Management System (BMS) provider. We won’t tie you in to costly licence agreements and we believe you should have access to the data you own.

With our solutions, excessive maintenance contracts are a thing of the past.

We are supplier-agnostic. So if you need to replace a defected part you can buy a like-for-like replacement at a fraction of the price of the branded product you’re tied into today.

Read more about how we’re different and how we can future-ready your business with Intelligent Building Controls.

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