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Intelligent Building Controls - smart business controls from Utilitywise

Take control of your utility consumption and find your way to a more efficient future

No business wants to waste resources. Using just the right amount of power and water not only makes business sense – it also lowers your carbon footprint.

  • Our Utility Efficiency Audit gives you a roadmap to true energy efficiency. It shows you how efficient you could be and the kind of projects that can take you there.
  • Our Energy Solutions teams can manage these projects to realise these savings; they will also advise on on-site generation.
  • We can help your staff understand how they can help your business save some money by reducing consumption.
  • Why bother switching things off and on when our building management systems can do it for you automatically? Our systems are scalable and suitable for a wide range of business sizes, from single sites to national chains.


Our energy controls systems can help you improve your energy efficiency. Explore the menu below to find your perfect energy controls solution.

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