Non-Financial Reporting

We can ease the burden by collating data – so you have more time to concentrate on your business.

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What is Non-Financial Reporting?

Non-Financial Reporting is derived from the EU Directive 2014/95/EU. It requires the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by ‘public interest entities’. The directive raises the bar for businesses to better report on ethical matters such as human rights, anti-corruption, social welfare, diversity and also the environment.

As of 6 December 2016, the UK will transpose this into UK law. Affected companies will then need to disclose such information in Company Annual Reports from January 2017 onwards.

How is Non-Financial Reporting related to energy?

Affected organisations need to report on their environmental emissions using an internationally recognised reporting framework. We fully understand the requirements and the burden this places on UK businesses, so we have created a service to support our clients.

Similar to GHG Mandatory Reporting, Non-Financial Reporting provides transparency for investors and other stakeholders. It can also help companies to base their decision-making on a better balance of financial and sustainability metrics.

Benefits of Non-Financial Reporting

  • It provides a great platform to communicate sustainability success with your shareholders and generate positive publicity in the media.
  • Reporting can boost your reputation and help you win new business.
  • This method of reporting on sustainability provides focus which will help improve efficiency, reduce costs and manage any associated risks.

How Utilitywise can help

Our service will deliver a brief summary report that you can easily include within your company’s Annual Report. We will also produce a high-level discussion of data gathering, data quality, methodology for calculation and findings. In addition we provide a full evidence pack with all primary evidence, ‘NFR Reporting Tool’, and reporting deliverables.

Why choose Utilitywise?

  • We can ease the burden by collating data – so you have more time to concentrate on your business.
  • We will supply the information in an easy to use format to use in your company’s Annual Report.
  • You’ll have peace of mind that you’ll comply with legislation.

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