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What is a Display Energy Certificate?

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are designed to show the energy performance of public buildings.

All public buildings with a total useful floor area greater than 250m² are obligated to have a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) and advisory report.

Display Energy Certificates state an energy rating from A-G , with A being the most energy efficient and G being the least.

This rating is based on the performance potential of the building (fabrics) and its services (heating, ventilation, lighting). The DEC comes with an advisory report demonstrating how the energy performance can be improved.

Public Display Energy Certificates can only be produced by an accredited Energy Assessor and should be displayed no smaller than A3 in a prominent place clearly visible to members of the public. Fines can be issued for failing to display a DEC and failing to have a valid advisory report.

Example Display Energy Certificate DEC

How Utilitywise can help

If you need a new DEC or you’re looking to renew a Display Energy Certificate, we can help.

At Utilitywise, we have a large and experienced team of accredited Energy Assessors to deliver our complete 6-Step Display Energy Certificate service from the initial site visit all the way through to delivering the DEC and advisory report.

We’ll make specific and useful recommendations to help you make improvements to your site and to help you meet or exceed efficiency targets.


And it doesn’t end there. As a Utilitywise customer, we’ll keep you up to date with relevant legislation and actively manage your renewals by providing reminders each year or as required.

How do I get a Display Energy Certificate?

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Our 6-stage DEC & advisory report service:

  • 1: We undertake a site visit;

  • 4: We then produce your advisory report;

  • 2: We’ll process and validate 12 months of utility invoices that your organisation has supplied;

  • 5: We will lodge the DEC & AR, via our accreditation body, with the official government database operated by Landmark;

  • 3: We input the data into government-approved ‘ORCalc software’ to generate a compliant DEC;

  • 6: Finally, we will deliver the DEC & AR in agreed format to you.

Display Energy Certificates can help your business to:

  • business energy meter icon

    Improve Energy Efficiency

    Based on the findings in your advisory report, we’ll offer useful recommendations to help you make improvements.

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    Take Control

    Set energy efficiency targets and actively monitor energy consumption to encourage improvements to your energy rating.

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    Set An Example

    Display Energy Certificates provide an opportunity to publicly demonstrate good energy performance.

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Display Energy Certificates (DECs): Frequently Asked Questions

  • What buildings require a DEC?

    A DEC and advisory report are required for buildings with a floor area over 250m that are occupied in whole or part by public authorities and frequently visited by the public.

    For the purposes of the regulations, a building is defined as, ‘a roofed construction having walls, for which energy is used to condition the indoor climate, and a reference to a building includes a reference to a part of a building which has been designed or altered to be used separately’.

    Some examples of buildings that would require a Display Energy Certificate include (but are not limited to):

    • Public libraries;
    • Leisure centres;
    • NHS Trusts;
    • State schools.

    Read the Department for Communities & Local Government guidance on DECs

  • Is there a penalty for failing to have a DEC?

    A local authority can issue a penalty charge notice of £500 for failing to display a DEC at all times in a prominent place clearly visible to the public, and £1,000 for failing to possess a valid advisory report.

    In addition, it will still be necessary to commission the Display Energy Certificate and advisory report, otherwise further offences will be committed.

    Read the Department for Communities & Local Government guidance on DECs

  • Where must a DEC be displayed?

    The Display Energy Certificate must be displayed prominently, in a place that is clearly visible to the public, for example at reception or near the building’s entrance.

  • Do private organisations need Display Energy Certificates for their buildings?

    Private organisations do not need a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) but they can choose to get one if they want to.

    They may still need an Energy Performance Certificate if the building is sold or rented.

  • For how long are DECs valid?

    Where the building has a floor area of more than 1,000m², the Display Energy Certificate is valid for 12 months. The accompanying advisory report is valid for seven years.

    Where the building has a floor area of between 250m² and 1000m², the DEC and advisory report are valid for 10 years.

    DECs and Advisory Reports Validity Periods:

    Building Size          Display Energy Certificates Advisory Reports
    Over 1,000m² Must be renewed every 1 year Must be renewed every 7 years
    250 to 999m² Must be renewed every 10 years     Must be renewed every 10 years
  • Do public buildings in Scotland need a DEC?

    Public buildings in Scotland must have an Energy Performance Certificate instead of a DEC.

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