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P272 East Anglia

P272 could be the key to unlocking hidden savings in your business… but how? First, you need to know what P272 is.

P272 is the industry name for a mandatory change to the regulations affecting electricity meters. Under P272, all electricity meters in classes 05-08 (often called Max Demand Meters) will be billed in a new way.

You could end up saving. But you could also end up spending more.

How your bill and billing will change

If your meter falls into the 05-08 classes, your energy bill is based on a single read. It gives your supplier a crude picture of how much electricity you’ve used and when you’ve used it.

Thanks to P272, your energy supplier will soon read your meter every half hour – so your bill will be much more accurate. It will also be a lot more complicated, and you may notice new charges.

What this means

If your supplier finds out that you don’t use a lot of electricity in peak times, you could end up saving. Conversely, if your supplier finds out you are using a lot of electricity in peak times, you could end up being charged more.

Either way, it’s a complicated situation; all energy suppliers are approaching the changeover in different ways and the peak times vary depending upon the Distribution Network provider you are linked to.

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“You have restored our faith in energy brokers! You found global companies that we didn’t even know existed and synchronised our contracts which will make life so much easier. You have done what you said you would quickly and efficiently, and patiently answered all our questions.”

Clare Mock
Retail Company

“The great thing about Utilitywise is that they take away the worry. They would only contact me when they needed me to either sign a form or had to run some numbers past me. I knew that I could concentrate on working on other things. Furthermore, the deal that they got me is excellent. I would happily recommend Utilitywise to other businesses.”

Iain Wilson
Property Management Company

“We are a community arts charity based in Leeds who run our own large building with educational and therapeutic work spaces and offices. Utilitywise approached us offering to review our electricity and gas services at a time when we were in the process of moving into temporary accommodation due to building works being undertaken on our permanent building. This was an extremely busy and stressful time for us, and our energy consultant at Utilitywise could not have been more helpful and understanding. We were by no means straightforward clients as we were moving between two premises, and on a tight budget. Utilitywise managed to save us nearly 50% on our utility bills, as well as organising the utility services for our permanent and temporary premises. Our account manager was very friendly and efficient, and kept us up to date on progress with our accounts. The transition between suppliers was smooth and most of the paperwork was dealt with for us, leaving us to concentrate on running our organisation and packing boxes! We have already recommended Utilitywise to other sister organisations in Leeds, and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.”

Katie Hill

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