New Business Building Meter Installation

New Business Building Meter Installation

Move in to your site sooner with super-fast new meter installations.

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Get your business installed faster

Your business is moving to new premises but you have no gas or electricity supply, and the commercial gas meter and the new electric meter installation has stalled.

The average waiting time for new gas and electric meters is 8 to 12 weeks and that can be costly if it delays your move-in.

Utilitywise can power through the logjam, achieving meter installations in 2 to 4 weeks. So you can move in promptly.

The way it works

You must have a supply set up for a meter to be installed to start using gas and electricity.

Usually, the property management company dealing with site-works does everything up to the point of the meter being fitted. The project manager will advise that the meter installation and energy contract need to be done together to get things moving.

You can’t progress any further until a supplier is found and it’s at this point, that you discover that all the main local suppliers have a similar wait time.

Moving on up

Don’t panic, ring us instead. Two to four weeks is our average, but the quickest gas and electricity meter installation we’ve achieved is six days.

  1. We’ll ask you how soon you need gas and electricity meters, then ask our network of suppliers about their availability before committing you to it.
  2. We’ll match a supplier to accommodate the speed with which you need the meter.
  3. We will establish the right kind of meter, including smart meters, so you don’t have a headache later.
  4. We try to put both the meter install and the supply contract with the same company to spur them on to prioritise you. There’s a valued interest in that meter going live so they can start billing you for energy.
  5. We can negotiate with some suppliers to waiver the charge of the meter installation, if the contract’s done through them.
  6. You’ll need to fill in a site works form but we can take that admin away from you too, working with the supplier to find the relevant information and fill it in.
  7. You’ll get a Utilitywise account manager to help you deal with the installation and contract and any future support in reducing consumption.

Don’t be late moving in

 We can get your business the heat and light it needs in its new premises on time. Don’t hasten the delay. Call us if you need  your new gas meter box or new meter installation sooner than you thought.

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Whatever your business, we can give you the time to concentrate on your own business while we use our energy expertise to get you the best deal. Talk to us about our Utility Management Plan today.