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Utilitywise will help you secure the right supply contract for your business and reduce and reclaim inaccurate charges on your bill.

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Take action NOW to avoid higher costs

Recent UK gas supply disruptions have coincided with the coldest temperatures of the winter and prompted a substantial spike in gas prices.

Since July 2017, gas prices have increased by 61% and electricity by 49%, so it’s important you take action now to avoid any future rises.

Energy Contracts and Services for the Manufacturing Industry

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    Energy Audit

    Our experienced assessors can undertake a thorough audit of your manufacturing business to pinpoint exactly where and how you could make cost and energy-saving efficiencies.

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    Energy Procurement

    We offer dedicated energy tariffs for manufacturers, with your specific needs in mind.

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    Utility Bill Analysis

    With our Bill Validation Lite service, your utility bills will be checked to make sure that there are no errors or inaccuracies, particularly in your non-commodity charges.

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    Specialist Account Management

    Our Manufacturing Energy Experts understand your sector and your unique pressures and challenges, so they’ll give you advice you can trust.

Energy Contracts for Manufacturing businesses

With manufacturing in the UK under significant pressure from increasing costs and mounting competition, the drive to cut costs has never been more important.

At Utilitywise, we recognise that energy should be an area of opportunity for savings and efficiencies, so we’ll help you secure the best supply contract and reduce and reclaim inaccurate charges on your bill.

We have two dedicated tariffs for Manufacturing customers, FixedFlex and Pass Through:

  • FixedFlex contracts allow customers to re-fix their price during the course of their contract, if they extend by 12 months, to take advantage of falling market prices.
  • Pass Through contracts mean that although the wholesale price of the energy is fixed, all non-commodity costs such as distribution and transmission charges are passed to the customer as a variable charge on their bills.
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Bill Validation Lite

Our Bill Validation Lite Service will identify a number of non-commodity charges on the your bill – we’ll review and validate these charges and we’ll work with suppliers to have these amended or reduced, lowering your bills where possible.

As part this new service, we will review your Data Collection & Meter Operator supplier, your Agreed Capacity level and Reactive Power charges and ensure you are on the correct VAT and CCL rates.

We can even sign you up for our Triad Alert service to get you through the winter months without any nasty surprises.

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Non-commodity costs for electricity will have risen 230% by 2020 compared to 2010 levels: 37% non-commodity costs in 2010 versus 66% non-commodity costs in 2020.

Why Choose Utilitywise?

  • Join the thousands of businesses – big and small – across the UK and Europe who rely on Utilitywise to help them to monitor and manage their business electricity, gas and water.

  • We understand the manufacturing industry, so you can trust us to give you sensible, clear advice.

  • We’ll undertake a thorough review of your existing energy contracts, so you can have peace of mind that you’re not paying more for your energy than you need to.

  • We compare multiple tariffs from multiple suppliers – so you can see all your options in one place, rather than having to contact each supplier one by one.

Are you on top of your non-commodity charges?

Non-commodity charges are on the rise – these are the part of your utility bills that aren’t the cost of energy.

Non-commodity charges are made up of transmission and distribution costs; and charges associated with government schemes and levies.

Currently they account for more than 50% of your electricity bill, with this set to increase to over 60% by 2020.

We have the expertise to look at these charges and ensure that they are correct. And, if we identify any inaccuracies or over-payments, we can help you to recoup costs from your suppliers.

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DCP161: Don’t get caught out!

DCP161 is a new Ofgem measure which came into effect on 1 April 2018. It means that energy users with a half-hourly electricity supply who exceed their capacity could now be hit with an excess capacity charge, which could be up to two and a half times higher than the standard market capacity rate.

At Utilitywise, we’re working with customers that could incur these excess capacity charges to negotiate revised capacity levels with energy providers. We’re also working with our customers to implement other energy saving measures to reduce demand at peak times to avoid these charges.

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Capacity Market auction 2018

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Customer Testimonial

Sara Allcorn, Senior Buyer,
Boddingtons Plastics Limited:

“We find Utilitywise to be very proactive. The Market Intelligence reporting they provide is invaluable and when there is movement in the market place we are kept informed.

“They ease us of the administrative burden associated with procuring our energy contracts and when it comes to our renewals, the whole process goes smoothly from start to finish.

“My dedicated contacts are very professional and polite and I would recommend Utilitywise to other companies.”

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