You could reduce your energy bills by 33%

You could reduce your energy bills by 33%

Find the right business energy and water contract for your business and join over 30,000 Manchester & UK businesses that procure their energy with Utilitywise.

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Stop worrying about energy bills

Stay focused on your business and let us look after your energy – you can reduce your energy usage by up to 33% and 45% on water usage with Utilitywise’s patented monitoring & control technology.

Running your own business takes time, effort and money. You’re too busy being a marketing director, an accountant, and a salesman to deal with your energy supplier.

High energy bills are the last thing you want to deal with – Let Utilitywise help you take control and we will get you the best energy and water deal for your business.

You're not alone

Did you know…

58% of businesses think their energy bills are hard to understand.

75% of business owners never check their energy bills.

Out-of-contract energy prices can be 82% higher than normal.

Estimated energy bills can cause real problems for business owners like you. Take advantage of our no-obligation free bill checking service.

One of our customers was billed over £15,000 based on estimated readings – but after we worked with their supplier to fix the problem, their actual bill was £163.75.

Our fast fix for your energy bill problems

The Utilitywise Bill Checking Service


Send us your energy bills.


We'll check them in less than an hour.

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If you’re owed money, we’ll get it back for you.

Try these services as well

FREE mobile energy monitoring software - so you can stay on top of overheads wherever you are.

FREE meter reading service - so your bills are always accurate and NEVER estimated.

FREE online energy efficiency training - so you can use less and spend less.

FREE energy helpline - just call 0330 303 3303 to get your energy problems solved.

Sound good?

Solve your energy bill problems today

Get in touch and we'll take the problem off your hands.

How Utilitywise can help you

More time

More time

Spend more time on your business and less time on your energy supplier.

Less hassle

Less hassle

Forget about your energy bills and let us worry about them for you.

More money

More money

You could end up spending less on your energy after a free bill check.

“I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the assistance you provided in the organisation of our electricity bills and the recouping of monies paid. Your friendly, well-organised service made the process very simple and straightforward. I would be happy to use the services of Utilitywise again in the future.”

Mairi Henderson
Practice Manager

“I have been very impressed with the service delivered by Utilitywise. They dealt with all issues immediately, they were very knowledgeable and listened if I had a query or was having a problem. I had been having problems for months on end and was getting nowhere; Utilitywise dealt with the problem in two hours. My brother Peter also has his own store, and they helped him arrange a new contract that saved him £14,000; which was 48% better than his renewal price. They have done a fantastic job for our family.”

Jaimal Maher
Retail Company

“Utilitywise take a lot of stress out of procuring our energy contracts. We are provided with recommendations on our contract renewals which makes the process a lot easier. The team are able to assist with queries efficiently and are available whenever I need support.

“As an energy consultant, they also offer a vast number of services that we can benefit from. In addition to the market advice we receive, we have also recently begun to use their Monitoring and Targeting software. I know this will make an impact on our business, both in the way we view our energy usage and finding ways to reduce our consumption.”

Nick Burton
Financial Director, Pendle Polymer Engineering Limited

“As a new business of an SME size, keeping a watchful eye on our operating costs is critical. For me on a personal level, time and priority management are of huge importance as I look to focus primarily on the development of our people, services and profit. I dreaded the prospect of spending hours on the phone to expedite the switch in utility providers, so Alex and the Utilitywise team have managed to assist me on a personal basis with significant hassle reduction. They managed the change through in its entirety. We have now also stabilised our utility costs for five years, which is great news for our budget and profit forecasting in an environment where it’s clear that utility costs are due to rise significantly. In summary, Alex has made my life easier and our company more profitable – a big thank you.”

Carl Oates
Building Contractor

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