Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR at Utilitywise: Promoting a corporate culture that is based on ethical values and behaviours.

Our environmental impact

We believe that we should do the right thing and make a difference in environmental practice and operating in a sustainable manner.

Our environmental impact is something we are always looking to improve and become as sustainable as we can. Beyond the business, our colleagues care deeply about the environment and have shown us even more ways to make practical changes. We are committed to reduce our carbon footprint year on year and have taken a number of steps to start improving our sustainability, such as:

  • Installing rainwater tanks
  • Installing solar panels
  • Switching our energy contracts to 100% renewable energy
  • Reducing all single use plastics and introducing compostable food service packaging
  • Colleagues using their volunteering day to get out litter picking in their local community
  • We continue to grow and learn from the individuals who work at Utilitywise.

Volunteering programme

Utilitywise seeks to inspire, educate and assist all colleagues to be active in making the world a better place.

Volunteering and giving back is an important part of our business and values.  We are committed to empowering our colleagues to make an impact in the communities that they live and work in so each colleague has one day per year, which aims to support:

  • Environmental and or conservation work
  • Education and or social youth development
  • Health and welfare in areas of real need
  • Encouraging or development in aiding recruitment for groups and communities facing disadvantage.

Charitable donations

There are so many incredible charities, and many of our colleagues have a charity that has a very special meaning to them. We want to support colleagues to raise money for charity so we support a different charity each quarter.

How we raise money

We hold a dress down day on the last Thursday of each month where colleagues can donate money to the chosen charity of the quarter.

We also host two charity fundraising days each year, one in June and one in December. All sites contribute with the objective to fundraise for nominated charities and have as much fun as possible in the process.

Our colleague wellbeing

At Utilitywise, we believe in addressing workplace mental wellbeing. We actively work to encourage a culture where people feel safe to talk about their mental health and wellbeing. We have 29 mental health first aiders and 16 domestic violence champions. The team have worked tirelessly to break down stigma and offer support to their peers.


Last updated: 28 September 2018