Board Members and Committees

Board Members and Committees

Find out who sits on our boards and corporate committees.

PLC Board

Simon Waugh, 59
Non-Executive Chairman

Simon was appointed to the Board as a Non-Executive Director and Senior Independent Director in November 2016, before becoming Non-Executive Chairman in January 2018. Simon has extensive experience in senior leadership roles, including seven years between 1997 and 2004 on the executive committee at Centrica plc as Sales & Marketing Director, helping transform British Gas into an international business with a market capitalisation of more than £10 billion. He was also Chief Executive Officer, Centrica Financial Services, in the early part of his tenure, before later becoming Deputy Managing Director, British Gas. He now holds a number of non-executive appointments.

Simon is the Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

Brendan Flattery, 53
Chief Executive Officer

Brendan joined the Company as CEO in October 2016. Prior to his appointment, he was at The Sage Group plc for 13 years, where he held roles including CEO, UK & Ireland and Managing Director, Small Business & Mid-Market Divisions. In his role as President, Europe he was responsible for leading a 7,000-person business unit operating across 11 countries and generating annual revenues of around £800 million from a customer base of more than two million.
Prior to joining Sage, Brendan held senior positions at Yates Group plc, Intercare plc and Park Group plc, and has also run his own small business.

Kathie Child-Villiers, 52
Senior Independent Director

Kathie was appointed to the Board as a Non-Executive Director in February 2017, before becoming Senior Independent Director in January 2018. Kathie has had an extensive career as a corporate finance adviser to the energy sector in the UK, Europe and the US. Key roles include eight years as Managing Director, Resources and Energy Group at HSBC plc Global Banking, where she led the advisory work on a range of major European utility consolidation transactions which transformed and shaped the sector; and Managing Director, Energy and Power Group at Merrill Lynch & Co, where she advised on numerous transactions within the utility industry.

Kathie is currently a Non-Executive Director of Bank of Montreal Capital Markets and Constantine Group plc.

Kathie chairs the Audit Committee.

Debra Davies, 55
Non-Executive Director

Debra has spent the last 28 years with American Express, during which time she has held several senior leadership roles, including Senior Vice President, Head of Bank Partnerships, Global Head of Charge Card Products and Vice President of the UK business.

Debra chairs the Remuneration Committee.

Richard Laker, 41
Chief Financial Officer

Richard was appointed as a Director and CFO in January 2017. He joined Utilitywise from Augean plc where, in his role as Group Finance Director, he helped oversee the implementation of a new strategy, delivering double-digit annual growth in profit, operating cash flow and ROCE. Richard was previously at Northgate plc, where he held a number of senior finance roles between 2004 and 2014 including Group Financial Controller and, most recently, UK Finance Director. Prior to joining Northgate plc, Richard was at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2001.

Brin Sheridan, 53
Managing Director, Corporate

Brin joined Utilitywise in November 2015. He has extensive experience in the field of energy management within the built environment space, having joined The Energy Solutions Group as Managing Director in 2006, where he led the growth and development of the business. Brin previously held UK and European leadership positions with Satchwell Control Systems and Schneider Electric, and is an expert in the deployment of energy-saving technologies.

Company Secretary: Natalie Gerrard

Last Updated: 13th June 2018

Committees and Corporate Governance

The Board recognises the importance of good corporate governance. In line with the London Stock Exchange’s recent changes to the AIM Rules requiring all AIM-listed companies to adopt and comply with a recognised corporate governance code, the Board has approved the adoption of the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code (QCA Code).

Details of how we comply with the QCA Code principles in broad terms can be found on this website and will be included in our FY18 Annual Report. We will provide updates on our compliance with the QCA Code annually.

The Company has adopted a code for share dealings by directors and employees which is appropriate for an AIM company and which complies with Rule 21 of the AIM Rules on “Restrictions on deals”.

The Board recognises that the purpose of corporate governance is to enable the Company to deliver growth in long term shareholder value by maintaining a flexible, efficient and effective management framework – an architecture of accountability within an entrepreneurial environment.

The Company values its dialogue with both institutional and private investors. Effective two-way communication with fund managers, institutional investors and analysts is actively pursued and this encompasses issues such as performance, policy and strategy. Private investors are encouraged to participate in the Annual General Meeting and the Chairmen of the Audit, Remuneration and Nomination Committees are available at all general meetings of the Company to answer any shareholder questions.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is comprised of Kathie Child-Villiers (Chair) and Simon Waugh.

The Audit Committee’s responsibilities include making recommendations to the Board on the appointment of the Company’s auditors, approving the auditor’s fees, reviewing the findings of the audit and monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the Company’s internal audit function. The Audit Committee will also be responsible for monitoring the integrity of the financial statements of the Company, including its annual and half yearly reports and interim management statements.

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is comprised of Simon Waugh (Chair) and Kathie Child-Villiers.

The Nomination Committee’s responsibilities include reviewing the structure, size and composition of the Board, making recommendations to the Board concerning membership of Board committees and identifying and nominating candidates for the Board for Board approval.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is comprised of Debra Davies, (Chair), Simon Waugh and Kathie Child-Villiers.

The Remuneration Committee’s responsibilities include determining the remuneration of the executive directors, reviewing the design of all share incentive plans and determining each year whether awards will be made, and if so, the overall amount of such awards, the individual awards to executive directors and the performance targets to be used.