An energy deal so cool ... it's HOT!

An energy deal so cool ... it's HOT!

It's January and we've got free stuff to give away. For free!

3,000 Free Smartplugs For Businesses Up For Grabs

It’s time for you to start monitoring and controlling your businesses energy use.

We have 3,000 free smartplugs to give away to UK businesses. But you don’t just get one smartplug – you get three!

BONUS! It’s not just smartplugs

You get the rest of our super smart energy saving kit, WiseLife Connect, too (worth £500 don’t you know).

And what’s more, anyone who takes out a business energy contract will receive Utility Insight SmartDash. With UI SmartDash, you can monitor your energy and water consumption from your phone and your desktop.

With WiseLife Connect, you get:

  • Savings in your pocket with our free mobile phone app. Whether you’re on your way home or on a post-work night out at the pub, you can turn off your electrical equipment whenever and wherever you are.
  • Set it and forget it. Use the WiseLife app to run all of your electrical devices automatically, according to a schedule you set. You’ll never leave a light on again … and you’ll save money on your bills.
  • Completely mess-free! Just plug in your smartplugs, download the app, and go.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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