Free Downloadable Energy Saving Guides

Free Downloadable Energy Saving Guides

How much can your business save by ignoring some of the myths surrounding energy efficiencies?

Join 40,000+ businesses that we've helped reduce their utilities consumption by up to 50%.

First off, is energy saving worth doing?

The simple answer is yes. Using an example from the retail sector, cutting energy costs by 20% represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales, reports the Carbon Trust in its Sector View on Retail. So if a shop’s turnover is £20,000, that’s the equivalent of an extra £1,000 – enough to create a website, train staff in sales techniques or upgrade to LED lighting: all ways retailers can improve their offering and attract customers.

The cost of electricity, gas and water is a major overhead for most retailers in these challenging times and so any saving is significant, but there are benefits other than saving money. Being energy efficient helps to fight global climate change and that’s a positive message for customers who are increasingly choosy about buying from green and ethical suppliers. It can also improve the store environment, making customers more comfortable – and staff too. (Read more in our Retail White Paper).

Eight Energy Saving Myths…Costing your business

This mythbuster guide is brand new and up to date with misconceptions about energy savings covering all the latest technologies and recent energy myths.

How much can your business save by ignoring some of the myths surrounding energy efficiencies? We debunk eight common misconceptions about energy saving.

Mythsbuster Energy Saving Guide 2017

Get your full guide on 12 energy saving tips

Download and print out copies of your free guide on business energy saving tips and update your staff and start reducing your energy consumption today!


12 Awesome Water Saving Techniques

Our water guide provides comprehensive tips for reducing water consumption in your business. Download, and print out the guide today and you are well on your way to reducing your utilities consumption.


Energy Retail Whitepaper – Giving Retailers the Energy to Survive

Download the Utilitywise Energy Retail Whitepaper, and reduce your energy usage by up to 33% from our tips alone.

A short guide to the Energy Health Check

Our Energy Health Check  is an analysis of your energy consumption which compares your usage with the average usage throughout your sector and for businesses of a similar size. This guide describes the results in more detail.

A short guide to the energy health check