Free Guides

Free Guides

What exactly is water deregulation?

Fear not, it’s not as boring as it sounds. In fact, water deregulation is a pretty big deal for businesses like yours across England. However, it can also be confusing so we’ve put together this handy guide to help you bust the myths and understand how you can cut your water bills.


A guide to reading your energy meters

Find out how to take a reading from your gas and electricity Meter. Being able to take a reading from your meter means you can submit it to our meter reading services and we will pass it onto your energy supplier to prevent you getting estimated bills.

Our guide to reading your meters

A – Z of your Flexible Invoices

Is your invoice difficult to understand? Flexible energy bills are much more complicated than fixed bills, full of many different charges and industry jargon. Unsurprisingly this can make it difficult for you to know what each element on your invoice is and, more importantly, whether they are all correct.

A - Z of flexible invoices from Utilitywise

A guide to understanding gas and power bills

It can be difficult understanding the various terms and codes on your gas bill. It’s easy to see why they can cause so much confusion! So how do you know that what you’re seeing is correct? Could you be paying more for your gas bill without realising?

a guide to understanding gas and power bills - utilitywise plc

A short guide to bill checking

We see problems and issue in bills every day. It isn’t surprising because energy bill can be hard to understand. This is guide makes it all clear. If you want a Short professional to analyse your bill gived give us a call on 0330 303 3313.

A short guide to bill checking

A short guide to the Energy Health Check

Our Energy Health Check  is an analysis of your energy consumption which compares your usage with the average usage throughout your sector and for businesses of a similar size. This guide describes the results in more detail.

A short guide to the energy health check

A short guide to AMR Smart Meters

We recommend business have AMR Smart meters fitted as this allows you to see your consumption and spot any energy waste.

A short guide to AMR Utility Meters

A short guide to staff energy and water awareness

We want to help you reduce energy and water consumption in your business – one of the most powerful assets you have to do this is your staff. They need to know what they can do, what impact they can have, what to watch out for and to be reminded to save at every opportunity. This guide shows how Utilitywise can help educate your staff to save you money.

A short guide to staff energy and water awareness