Free DEC Checking Service

Free DEC Checking Service

Do you need a Display Energy Certificate? Find out with our free DEC checking service.

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Do you know if your DEC is valid?

You could face a £1,500 penalty fee if you don’t display a valid DEC, but don’t focus on the fine. A Display Energy Certificate also comes with an advisory report that helps you find new ways to become more energy efficient.

Energy efficiency helps you make savings on your bills. It also helps you reduce your carbon footprint. That’s good for your bottom line and your business’s reputation.

Over 260 DECs delivered to the education sector

We’ve provided Display Energy Certificates to 262 schools, academies, and colleges. Over 30,000 businesses across the UK and Europe trust us to manage their business utilities.

Get your free DEC check now

How do you know if you need a DEC at all?

That’s where our DEC checking service comes in.

Our DEC checking service will tell you:

  • Whether you need a Display Energy Certificate
  • How long your Display Energy Certificate is valid
  • Whether or not you need to update your Display Energy Certificate – because not all DECs last for 10 years

Why bother?

Let’s face it: complying with legislation can be a pain. Between finding an assessor, chasing paperwork, and spending time trying to understand your advisory report, you could end up spending more time on your DEC than you spend on your business.

Fortunately, our DEC checking service makes things easy. We will:

  • Provide a fully qualified energy surveyor to provide your DEC and advisory report
  • Help you translate your advisory report into plain English
  • Help you put together key energy efficiency plans that will benefit your business

Sound good? Try our free DEC checking service now

We can also help you put those energy efficiency plans into action.

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