Commercial Gas Meter Installation

Commercial Gas Meter Installation

Are you waiting for a new electricity or gas meter to be installed?
Utilitywise can negotiate a no-fee installation on your behalf and get it installed within 6-21 days!

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The quickest we’ve got electricity and gas meters installed is six days – our average is just 2-3 weeks.

With our red-carpet treatment, you’ll have your new gas meter box or a commercial electric meter installed pronto.

What Utilitywise does:

  • The quickest we’ve got gas and electricity meters installed is six days – our average is just 2-3 weeks (you don’t even have to be a Utilitywise customer).
  • We’ll establish when you need the installation done by and act accordingly.
  • If your need is urgent, we can speed things up by giving the contract and meter installation to the same supplier.
  • Once an energy contract is agreed, we’ll book the installation appointment.
  • Our team can negotiate a no-fee installation if you’re with the same supplier for both electricity and gas – saving as much as £103 on average.

Common meter issues:

  • Your business is moving to a new build. Gas and electricity supply needs setting up and meters installed.
  • You call an energy supplier but meter installations take 8-12 weeks on average (Our average is 2-3 weeks).
  • You have to be in the building as soon as possible.
  • Unexpected costs, such as upfront payments for installation, are head for you to pay.
  • You’re confused by meter operator agreements and energy procurement contracts.
  • You’re wasting time managing the process instead of your business.

A job off your hands:

  • If energy contracts and meters are a chore too far, our experts can take them off your to-do list.
  • We save you time by dealing with the distribution network and meter operators, suppliers, data collectors and energy service providers on your behalf.
  • A new electricity and gas meter installation means lots of form filling – our experts can fill them in for you.
  • We’ll make sure you get the right meter, whether you’re opening a store or a manufacturing plant.
  • We can arrange for electricity and gas smart meters to be fitted straight away rather than waiting.

Why choose Utilitywise to support your business?

We’re Impartial, Independent & Transparent.
Easy switching – Choose from a Fixed, FixedFlex, Flexible or a Green Energy deal.
Free energy health check, bill checking service & say goodbye to estimated bills.
Join 40,000+ businesses that we’ve helped reduce their utilities consumption by up to 50%.
You’ll get a dedicated UK account manager with consultant expertise & great service every time.
 Faster installation of a business smart meter.
Access to control & monitoring technology when you purchase an energy contract through Utilitywise at no extra cost.

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Reduce your electricity and gas bills with WiseLife business controls

WiseLife, an IoT app that gives small businesses control of their electrical equipment and heating, significantly reducing their energy use and bills. You can set up schedules for your equipment to switch on and off automatically, send alerts to your phone which will let you know if things change within your business and gives you the insight you need to be able to reduce your energy bills. One client reported a 50% drop in their gas and a 25% drop in their electricity bill. WiseLife – giving small businesses peace of mind and lower energy bills.

Receive WiseLife Energy & Water Monitoring and Control Technology when you compare business utilities with us!

Get the control to really reduce your energy bills.

Control your electrical equipment and heating from your smart phone, tablet or laptop, wherever you are in the world. You decide what gets switched on or off at any time of the day or set up schedules to turn equipment and heating off/on automatically.

Never forget – let the app do it for you.
Set your own automatic schedules, the app does the work for you. If you want your heating to turn on at 6.00am to 20 Celsius every Thursday the app can do that for you.

Never forget – let the app do it for you.
Set your own automatic schedules, the app does the work for you. If you want your heating to turn on at 6.00am to 20 Celsius every Thursday the app can do that for you.

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Join 40,000+ Businesses that procure their business electricity through Utilitywise.

Why bother with three suppliers for your Electricity, Gas & Water – save the hassle – do all three with Utilitywise and receive £400 cashback and save up to 25% on combined business utilities.*

Frequently asked questions:

What is an MPAN?

Meter Point Administrationi Number (MPAN). This is your unique meter reference number to identify your meter to your address and/ or business which identifys your electricity supply.

How long will it take to install my electricity or gas meter?

It can take anything up to 12 weeks via the supplier, however, Utilitywise has been able to install meters within 6 days. Due to our relationship suppliers, we have the ability to help prioritise our customers (and in some cases, non-customers).

How much will it cost to install the meter?

The price can vary, but typically we have helped install meters with no cost at all to our customers. The average price of a meter installation is around £103 – but Utilitywise can get you this for free.

Can you change the location of your meter?

Yes, again, this is something we can assist you with, again, something which can be  negotiated for free if you are one of our 40,000+ customers.

*Terms and conditions of the cashback offer
Client receives a cashback amount based on their annual consumption from each energy meter contracted through Utilitywise with participating suppliers. Client must take out both energy and water contracts through Utilitywise. Cashback payment based on energy supplier confirmed annual consumption.
*Up to 25% saving
Up to 25% saving based on combined water and energy savings and savings shown through energy audit, energy monitoring and energy controls solutions.
Full terms and conditions available on request.