The Big Church Switch: Caring for your parish utilities

The Big Church Switch: Caring for your parish utilities

Helping you control and manage your energy needs.

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Church Energy Solutions

The cost of electricity, gas and water is a major overhead for most churches. Yet despite the importance of utilities, most struggle to take full control of their utility spend.

Utilitywise provide simple solutions to help you take back control and manage your energy and water spend.

Simple Energy and Water Help for Parishes and Churches

Save time

Get back to what you do best while we manage your business utilities.

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Save effort

We'll deal with your supplier so you don't have to.

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Save money

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Your Utility Management Plan can cover:

Compliance & Accreditations

We can help you comply with legislation and achieve industry standards and certification.

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Monitoring & Reporting

Better energy and water monitoring. Reports you can access anywhere in the world.

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Controls & Reduction

More efficiency. More control. Energy and water waste stops here.

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Procurement & Tendering

Energy and water contracts. Fixed and flexible. Private sector or public. We do it all.

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A Utility Management Plan does this by helping you to procure, monitor, reduce and manage your electricity, gas and water requirements – all supported by our account management team, who are with you throughout the whole plan.

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