The Parklangley Club

The Parklangley Club

We helped the Parklangley Club secure a £12,000 rebate from their supplier.

The company

The Parklangley Club provides a wide range of leisure classes for adults, children and toddlers. As an indoor and outdoor sports facility, it offers a wealth of activities for the local community, ranging from chess classes to Zumba lessons.

The clubhouse is open to members and non-members alike and is a popular venue amongst people living in the surrounding areas.

The issue

As a large-scale, multi-purpose sports facility, The Parklangley Club has always used a lot of energy in order to ensure that the centre is fully functional day in, day out. With classes taking place from early in the morning until late at night, seven days a week, the club has a high energy consumption and wanted to develop a sustainable energy reduction plan in order to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, with tight budgets to manage, the Parklangley team were also keen on finding an energy tariff that would offer long-term protection from price rises.

The solution

The Utilitywise Energy Consultant requested a recent bill so that our experts could run the appropriate checks and see if everything was in order. After conducting a thorough bill check, the Utilitywise team identified billing errors which in total came to £12,000. Utilitywise contacted the existing supplier and arranged for the Parklangley Club to receive a full rebate.

The Utilitywise team then contacted a range of suppliers to identify suitable longer term deals with lower tariffs which would give Parklangley Club the protection they required against sudden price rises. After negotiations with a number of suppliers, the Utilitywise Energy Consultant found a six year deal for the Club which they were delighted with.

Parklangley Club continues to receive regular advice from specialists at Utilitywise as part of their Utility Management Plan to help identify areas of high energy usage and work on ways to reduce unnecessary waste.

In summary

  • Billing errors were identified resulting in a rebate of £12,000
  • A long-term six-year contract protects against sudden price increases
  • Utilitywise handled the switching process to save the client time and hassle
  • Utilitywise customer service team are only a phone call away to sort out any issues.

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