Case Study: The Maldron Hotel, Dublin

Case Study: The Maldron Hotel, Dublin

Ever wanted to achieve a 64% drop in energy consumption across your business? We helped the Maldron Hotel do exactly that.

The Brief

The Maldron Hotel and leisure centre in Dublin is regarded as one of the best located hotels in Dublin city centre overlooking the Grand Canal Theatre and close to the O2, Croke Park, Aviva stadium and a few minutes’ walk to the Convention Centre. This four-star hotel has 304 bedrooms, a restaurant, two bar areas, meeting rooms and leisure facilities.

Keith Rynehart, General Manager and Financial Director of the Maldron was concerned that to compete in the current market he would have to get smarter with his operational costs. Energy contributed to 30% of the overall operational budget with electricity being the highest consuming utility. Keith selected to use Utility Insight with data being fed into the system from Edd:e, our circuit-level power monitoring system: “It presented an opportunity to measure and therefore manage our energy consumption better, it was the only product reviewed by the Maldron that could present energy consumption at circuit level giving true granular data. The desk top consultant support offered was seen as an invaluable asset to helping us achieve our goal of a 10% reduction in our energy consumption.”

Our Approach

The Edd:e system was fitted within two weeks with the installation being completed at times that would not interfere with the operation of the hotel or disturb guests. “I was extremely impressed with the efficiency of the team and their dedication by working unsocial hours to complete the installation” said Keith Rynehart.

Our Solution

One of the many challenges was the circuits that were unmarked, these circuits were costing the Maldron €111,443.46 per annum and no-one knew where the energy was being consumed. This equated to almost a quarter of their total annual spend of €430,000 on electricity. Circuit tracing was conducted to identify and tag the circuits.

The consumption data showed a number of energy savings projects that could be undertaken including: power optimisation and lighting replacement.

It was decided to run a small trial to see what impact different light fittings would have on consumption. The trial changed eight halogen lamps for LED lights on a single circuit (the leisure centre lobby). Edd:e data verified a 64% drop in energy consumption. The Maldron is now rolling out LED lamps to all suitable areas. These pilot projects in equipment change and behavioural changes has helped the Maldron exceed the target of 10% reduction in energy consumption within three month period.

Service provided

  • Utility Insight
  • Edd:e
  • Ecofit

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