St Barnabas Church

St Barnabas Church

“During my time as treasurer I have had to “endure” many occasions negotiating energy contracts directly with gas and electricity providers,” says Humphrey… but that’s come to an end since he started working with Utilitywise.

How we helped St Barnabas Church

Humphrey Clarke has been Treasurer of St Barnabas Church, Sutton for the past ten years.

“During my time as treasurer I have had to ‘endure’ many occasions negotiating energy contracts directly with gas and electricity providers. None was undertaken without problems.

“When a Utilitywise rep approached me about two years before our next contract was due to expire, such was his enthusiasm for how he could help us I said I would consider recommending to our Church Council that we use him if he contacted me again nearer the time when our next renewal was due.

“He duly did and has made things a great deal easier for us. He was able to negotiate a five-year contract for gas – we had only been offered up to three-year ones by companies themselves in the past. It was also agreed a year in advance, giving us peace of mind and ensuring that we were immune from any further price rises between then and the start of the contract – previously we could only negotiate contracts up to 90 days before their renewal. He was also able to negotiate a contract for our electricity supply on a similar basis.

“I am now looking forward to a smooth changeover of suppliers when the existing contracts expire in the knowledge that we have one point of contact who is in control of the situation and readily available on the end of a phone if anything should go wrong.

“He has also arranged for a subsidiary company of Utilitywise to provide us with a full energy report at no cost which will tell us precisely where and how much power we are using on various appliances and how we might be able to reduce our consumption.

“He has been able to take away all the hassle and worry involved in negotiating energy contracts and I have no hesitation in recommending Utilitywise.”

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